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Establishing companies and businesses in the UAE

Establishing companies and businesses in the UAE

Establishing companies and businesses in the Emirates and what are the most important steps that need to be followed to achieve this purpose, In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has been able, in a short period of time, to become thriving incubators for emerging companies and investment businesses. The economy in this wonderful investment country is characterized by the diversity of its fields. Therefore, entrepreneurs are willing to invest there significantly. In addition to having an excellent infrastructure, The UAE government has also provided foreign investors with many amazing facilities that encourage them to invest. So you find many people today wondering what needs to be done to establish companies and businesses there, This is based on what they have seen before their eyes of amazing success models for investors who became famous among businessmen whose names no one knew before. These models showed them that earning money is no longer limited to a job. Rather, a person can collect more than what he used to get from his job in terms of money by investing, Especially if the investment is in the UAE, Where the free economy and the open economy environment, Follow us to learn more about establishing companies and businesses in the UAE:

Establishing companies and businesses in the UAE

Perhaps you would like to know how to establish companies and businesses in the Emirates, The United Arab Emirates has provided exciting facilities that encourage investment there. The most important of which is the issuance of a law allowing foreigners to own a company in Dubai without the need for a national investor partnership. After this was necessary in the past, There are a set of important steps that must be followed to establish a company or work there, so we will tell you about them in some detail:

Determine the type of business

The first step that you must take to establish a company or business in the UAE is to choose the type of company and the nature of the work. The investment fields there are many and varied. You have to choose what suits you best among them. So that you can complete your project and bring it to light.

Obtaining a company license

The second step that enables you to establish an investment company or business in the UAE is to obtain a license for the company. The type of company is determined based on the activity that you have chosen.

Choose a company name

This step is one of the most important steps that you need to follow to establish your company in the United Arab Emirates. Where the chosen name entails many things, There are also some conditions set by the state that must be followed when choosing the name of the company. Otherwise, it will be rejected. These conditions are that there is no other company registered with the same name. and that it does not contain the word majesty, and that it does not contain any improper memorization that is rejected by public taste, After approval of the name, it must be registered with the Department of Economic Development. Then you will get a valid license for 6 months.

free zone or within Dubai

You have to locate the company and obtain a notarized lease contract for the place where you want to establish your company or business, You can choose the location of the company in one of the free zones, Or in Dubai, both of which have special advantages.

Submit a license application

After completing all the aforementioned steps, the most important and final step of establishing the company comes, which is submitting a license application to the concerned authorities, submitting documents and paying fees.

In conclusion, we say that investing in the Emirates is very successful, as many experiences have proven this. If you have already decided to start your project there, then this matter will require clearing a lot of papers and documents, and you will find no better than the experts of Itqan Company to take over this task for you.


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