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Why itqan?

Why itqan?

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Free zones vary in the United Arab Emirates and differ according to their types. Its definition also varies. Each of the many regions within the United Arab Emirates has a different definition from the other. But in the end, it serves the same purpose as it is a geographical area for goods and the role of goods within it differs. It is either remanufactured, stored, imported, or exported. These operations take place within the free zones in the United Arab Emirates, Therefore, these free zones have their own specific customs regime and are not subject to any customs duties. Accordingly, the government of the United Arab Emirates issued a law regulating these areas, which is: Free Zones Law in the UAEThis is based on the belief of the government of the United Arab Emirates in the importance of activating the commercial sector in the Emirates. This law, which was enacted by the government, helped create wonderful opportunities for commercial companies of all kinds and open new labor markets.

Our contribution to the free zones

It requires running your business in the free zones of the United Arab EmiratesSupplying the necessary facilities, managing good marketing for the business, observing the laws related to foreign trade, the laws regarding foreign investors, import and export, and the laws governing the free zone in which your company resides and operates through it. In addition, if your company resides in an area belonging to the Emirate of Dubai, you will have Looking for offices for rent in Dubai so that you can run your company through them. And all these procedures can find obstacles for you since it will be the first time that you establish a company in Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates, But you can always rely on Etqan Company , to facilitate the management of your business and the establishment of your company with ease and ease.

Why itqan?

Itqan did not establish this brilliant name in the United Arab Emirates so easily. The competition in the UAE is certainly fierce and uncompromising, as all competitors have the ability and capabilities necessary to occupy the first place. But what distinguishes Itqan?

The answer is clearly that Etqan has sufficient experience and working talents, which makes it easy. It is a company that makes you do your work effortlessly. If you want to establish your company In one of the many free zones within the United Arab Emirates, Etqan is certainly the perfect choice for all Arab and foreign investors. Itqan will be your business partner in establishing your company and facilitating all matters required for work and necessary procedures. You can easily get your company in the Emirates, All you have to do is communicate with the team at Itqan in order to get the necessary assistance that you need.

Itqan Services

In addition to consulting in the establishment of companies in the free zones within the United Arab Emirates , Etqan also offers countless and most wonderful options for commercial buildings, administrative headquarters, business centers, and office rental in Dubai and in many other emirates, full-service offices for small businesses, This is done in accordance with what is agreed upon with the work team specialized in this matter from Itqan Company, and this is in proportion to the size and quality of your business. Itqan’s mission is to provide appropriate solutions to assist investors in the success of their businesses and to satisfy their aspirations.

Itqan enables you to establish your company and invest in Dubai in only three steps . Invest in Dubai in three steps!

Etqan provides you with the support you need and the advice that business requires to establish your business successfully and on time. It also gives you multiple options that allow you to select the optimal path you want and fit your project.

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Itqan believes in the principle of complete transparency with its customers. Therefore, the company will not charge you any hidden fees. It will inform you of all the details and fees that must be paid from the beginning until the successful establishment of your company.

Believing in Itqan in its right to be at the top in its field of work, It has redoubled its efforts to earn this position deservedly. In order to achieve more than wonderful results, In this sense, itqan gives you a wonderful opportunity to manage your business effortlessly by offering it a program[CorporateStack] . This software is a great value-add for companies that are always looking for a comprehensive solution to manage their business using any device and from anywhere. This program is offered at affordable prices and is site-based and provides easy access to the site from anywhere.

Our team

The specialized work team at Itqan will remain in constant contact with you. He provides you with all the necessary consultations and implements all the procedures required to establish the business and will manage the situation well. The company has a cooperative team with a great deal of professionalism, and you will find them committed to you until the successful establishment of your company.

You can certainly take a break and save your energy, which you will definitely need later in establishing your company , but at this initial stage, you can count on Etqan to run your business effortlessly!


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