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Why invest in Dubai?

Why invest in Dubai?

Why invest in Dubai is a question that haunts many investment seekers around the world, and in order to present a satisfactory and adequate answer to this question, it may take us a lot of time to formulate the least words, as Dubai is one of the largest economic regions in the world, and its stability is economically, politically and socially where it is available Excellent infrastructure facilities, all of this made it a pillar in the field of investment and occupied the highest ranks globally.

Dubai’s economic stability

Dubai enjoys economic stability that other countries do not enjoy. The UAE ranks 25th among the world’s competitive economies. This came in the report of the Global Competitiveness Organization for the year 2019, It ranked first in the countries of the Middle East and West Asia, Among the most important features that distinguish it:

  • Its excellent strategic location.
  • It has a strong financial reserve.
  • Dubai has strong and well-established international relations.
  • It enjoys political and social stability.
  • Lots of free zones.

A variety of facilities for practicing different activities

One of the best things that distinguishes Dubai from other economic areas, It provides the investor with diversified investment options, Where it enjoys high commercial flexibility, Dubai is characterized by the following:

  • Allowing the investor full ownership of the property in the free zones.
  • Availability of commercial and industrial business centers.
  • Availability of many international exhibitions and international conferences.
  • The state allows the investor to own his investment in about 122 activities and 13 economic sectors.

Availability of high standard labor

The most important feature that distinguishes any sector and any place that has commercial or tourist activity or … is the availability of skilled workers. The cadres and workforce in the UAE are the most capable and efficient in the whole world. Employment is far from stereotyped. Where it is characterized by innovation and permanent renewal, Where employment in Dubai is characterized by the following:

  • Employment has proficiency in the English language in addition to the Arabic language.
  • Dubai works to attract the best scientific cadres in all sectors.
  • There are many facilities for employment, So that it provides them with a decent life and the ability to continue working.

Investment incentives offered by Dubai

In order for Dubai to be unique with an investment that is the first in the Arab world, And in the first centers in the world, Provided investors with many incentives as follows:

  • Full ownership of real estate in free zones.
  • The return may reach about 100% of the profits
  • Availability of the visa regime is very flexible.
  • There are no restrictions on foreign currency conversion.
  • currency appreciation in dubai, As it is converted in high numbers to other currencies.
  • Significant decrease in the customs value of goods.

Dubai Open Economy

Dubai’s economy is considered one of the most open economies. where a lot of antitrust laws apply, It enjoys strong relations with different countries of the world, especially developed countries. Where:

  • The UAE is an active member of the World Trade Organization since 1996.
  • Dubai has signed free trade agreements with many countries, such as Singapore.
  • It constantly cooperates with the Gulf Cooperation Council to conclude trade agreements with the European Union and the world’s great countries.

Dubai enjoys political stability

The country’s political stability is the most important factor in its progress. Where the UAE enjoys political stability and diplomatic policy, Dubai has about 200 foreign political missions on its soil. where it is:

  • of the member states of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, And an active member of the Arab League.
  • It ranks third in the world among all countries in political stability.

social stability in Dubai

the safest and most comfortable place, where the principles of respect, tolerance and cultural diversity prevail, The UAE ranked first among Arab countries in the happiness index, as:

  • She appointed a minister of tolerance.
  • It passed laws against racial discrimination.
  • Hosts a meeting of human fraternity.
  • Support vulnerable community groups.

Dubai is one of the strongest regions in its economy. It targets all investors because of its countless privileges. Where every investor in Dubai feels completely safe for himself and his money.


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