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Your guide to setting up your business in Dubai Free Zone DMCC

Your guide to setting up your business in Dubai Free Zone DMCC

Establishing a new company DMCC , the United Arab Emirates is one of the best countries in the field of investment, It is considered the core of its distinction in the city of Dubai.

The charming city that attracts every investor around the world. Therefore, it has several advantages that are unique to it and offer it to all investors.

Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone is also considered one of the most important steps to success for all entrepreneurs.

As it provides a suitable environment for the prosperity of all economic fields, This is in addition to the infrastructure that helps the growth of any commercial activity and provides it with all the requirements for success.

So let’s get acquainted with the steps to register a new company DMCC .

Advantages of establishing your project in the Dubai Free Zone DMCC

the free zone, These are areas established by the UAE to attract more investors around the world.

The Dubai Free Zone DMCC also offers several grants to everyone who invests in its land that you cannot find in other places in the world.

This is due to the keenness of the State of Dubai to remain in the forefront and among the best countries in the world that attract investment. The most important of these features are:

  • corporate tax exemptions, Plus personal taxes.
  • Full disposition of profits without any decrease.
  • Sole proprietorship of the company without the need for a local partner.
  • Complete exemption on all import and export provisions.

What are the most important steps for establishing a new company in the DMCC Free Zone?

There are several steps that must be met in order to start your activity in the Dubai Free Zone, and it is:

  • Determine the type of commercial activity that the company will practice, In order to obtain a work permit.
  • Choosing a trade name for the company that does not fall under names that violate public taste and meets the requirements of the economic development departments.
  • Choosing the location of the company and presenting the papers proving the entity of the company, whether the lease or ownership contract.
  • Provide color copies of the company’s shareholders’ passport, or a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Signature form for shareholders and board member.
  • A complete report that meets the company’s budget for one year.
  • For individuals, a letter of non-objection must be provided from the sponsor.
  • Submission of documents proving ownership of the company.
  • A template for the identification code of the commercial register of the manager.

Steps to register the establishment

  • Submit a registration application with all the establishment data attached.
  • The company manager shall be appointed by the notary public and documented by him.
  • A legal agency through which the principal is authorized, Appointed by the notary and authenticated by him.
  • The Memorandum of Association of the company is notarized by the notary public.
  • The director’s signature form attested by the notary public.
  • A personal photo of the administration manager in Khalifa. The photo is in white.

The district is considered DMCC , One of the best areas that you can use to make many and varied investments that differ according to each location.

The cost of a commercial license in the free zone also varies. And that depends on each field.

The Dubai Free Zone DMC offers several advantages to all entrepreneurs, In addition to providing a very ideal infrastructure for investment.

Itqan Investment Services Company, With each submission, it can complete all the legal procedures necessary for registration in the Dubai Free Zone DMCC.

And this is through the best cadres that it possesses in the investment field to provide all investment advice.

In addition to those working in clearing all the necessary steps to establish startups in Dubai as quickly and honestly as possible for all customers.

Now that we know the most important steps of registering a new company DMCC We hope that you will like the article. Itqan Investment Services always strives to provide the best for all our valued customers.


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