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Dubai World Trade Central
One Central, Building The offices 4 9th Floor
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai World Trade Centre

Dubai World Trade Centre

Dubai World Trade Center is one of the most vital areas within the Emirate of Dubai. It is considered the main center for holding seminars, parties and conferences within the country. The center is located in Sheikh Zayed, It is considered the ideal tourist destination for many visitors and local residents. So, let us, through this article, learn more about the Dubai International Center.

Dubai World Trade Center is an investment plan established in the seventies of the last century

The United Arab Emirates began way to obtain sustainable investment opportunities, Not dependent on oil and gas since 1979. So that it has now become one of the most attractive countries for investment.

This is because it has all the elements to attract the investor to it. This came due to the presence of an ideal infrastructure for all types of investment. In addition to facilitating residence methods within the country.

It also provides processes for facilitating the establishment of various companies and not imposing taxes on several economic fields. Therefore, the United Arab Emirates succeeded, To reserve a place for it among the countries that look forward to working with the prospects of a bright future using today’s tools.

About Dubai World Trade Centre

The center was built in 1979 AD. At the time of the start of the real investment process in Dubai, and that was at the hands of Sheikh Zayed . In the past, the center consisted of one floor, but it has been modified and includes many different halls, each of which specializes in a specific field.

When it was built, it was the largest center in Dubai at that time. It was about 139 meters long. The center worked to provide many job opportunities, In addition to the economic income that he worked to provide for the state.

The center includes many apartments for rent and ownership, equipped for immediate housing, It also has a gym and swimming pools. number of moles, and restaurants.

Holding international exhibitions and events inside the Dubai World Trade Center

The centers included many exhibitions and events in the recent period. He mentions the Education Requirements Festival, which aims to find new and innovative solutions, In order to develop the education process in general within the United Arab Emirates, The Great Marks Festival was also held there. Which brings together all the owners of the largest brands in the Emirates, And display their goods with great discounts for visitors.

In addition to having a health conference, Which discusses all solutions and ideas to improve the level of health services in the UAE, It also works to discuss all modern technologies, which in turn will help in the prosperity of health care in the country.

Prepare Dubai World Trade CentreIt is one of the most luxurious and diverse commercial centers within Dubai, as it contains everything that the visitor would like to find, as it contains hotel apartments, hotels, games halls, conference halls, restaurants and seminars, in addition to being a Dubai Free Zone, Which has several advantages and excellent investment facilities for all entrepreneurs.

The Dubai World Trade Center hosts more than forty activities during the year, and more than 30 million people visit it a year around the world, so it is an important source of international income within the United Arab Emirates.

It is also the incubator for all scientific and commercial conferences. Which seeks to provide the best services, whether medical, commercial or even recreational, It also includes many malls with a distinguished level of service.

Now that we have known more and more deeply about the Dubai World Trade Center , we hope that we have provided useful and simple information that serves the mind of our honorable and distinguished readers, and works to increase their information income.


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