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Steps to establish a business in Dubai

Steps to establish a business in Dubai

Steps to establish a business in Dubai

Steps to establish a business Inside Dubai, establishing a business requires several steps and procedures in order to start your own business.

Therefore, below, we will show you the most important of these steps to accomplish the task of establishing your business.


Steps to establish a business in Dubai


Steps to establish a business in Dubai

All steps and procedures for establishing your business can be accomplished in more than one way, which are:

  • Completion of incorporation procedures via the Internet

The investment bodies within the United Arab Emirates provided, The ability to obtain a trade license certificate.

By clearing all procedures through the Internet, Without the need for the investor to go to any government agency.

  • The incorporation procedures can be completed through the usual methods of establishing startup companies, which are as follows:
  • Determine the nature of the company’s economic activity

This is by defining the general activity of the company, whether it is industrial, commercial, literal tourist, or professional.

  • The legal form of the company

This is by determining the legal form of the company to take the necessary legal procedures for it, and this is through:

  • To be a private or public joint stock company.
    • Solidarity Company.


  • The company’s trade name

The registration of the company’s trade name is very important. From here lies the essence of the difference from one company to another, and the similarity clause never falls between each company and another.

The trade name must also include the concept of commercial specialization practiced by the company.

When choosing a company trade name, the following must be taken into account. The name should not contain any foreign and unacceptable words.

He must not be previously registered with another company engaged in commercial or investment business.

That the trade name does not contain the word “Allah”

  • Initial approval of the project

It is a preliminary license by which the Commercial Authority clarifies that it does not object to the establishment of that project. But that does not mean that the project is being implemented.

Foreigners must first obtain a permit from the General Administration of Residency Conditions before starting to obtain the initial approval.

  • Site selection

One of the very general conditions for obtaining a permit to practice commercial activity in Dubai.

Have contracts proving that you own a real corporate entity, And to attach the necessary documents to prove it.

  • Additional government approval

There are some businesses that require the investor to obtain additional government approval before starting work.

  • Cars and transportation services require approval from the Ministry of Interior.
    • Legal activities require the approval of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Receive licenses

After mentioning all the previous procedures, The following documents are prepared to obtain the daytime license:

  • Initial approval contract.
  • A lease or ownership contract for the company.
  • Contract approval of additional government agencies.
  • The contract for appointing a service agent.

Fees are paid within a period not exceeding thirty days. Failure to pay during that period means making the incorporation steps request again.

Itqan Investment Services Company,

By completing the steps of establishing a business inside Dubai by doing the aforementioned procedures, To obtain the final contract for conducting commercial activity.

And this is through the professional cadres it owns with experience and the completion of all tasks in the fastest time and with the best quality.

It also has a group of the best investment specialists who provide you with an excellent investment plan.


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