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Establishing a company in the free zones

Establishing a company in the free zones

Establishing a company in free zones is considered one of the best advantages offered by the state to all investors. Where the free zone is characterized by a set of laws different from other regions, So let’s find out through this article, About how to establish a company in the free zone.

What is the free zone?

know the free zone, They are areas chosen by the state in order to encourage investment in them. and attract many job opportunities for its residents, Free zones are subject to several laws different from other regions. In which all legal procedures for investment are facilitated. It also works to attract more investors around the world. It specializes in importing, exporting and manufacturing raw materials in a larger way.

Advantages of establishing a company in the free zone

As we mentioned before, the free zone has several advantages for investors. and the most important:

  • One hundred percent tax exemption.
  • Usually no income tax is imposed on individuals or corporations, Except for certain types of companies such as oil and gas companies.
  • Ease of establishing companies in a short time.
  • Numerous buildings and stores are widely available.
  • There are no restrictions on the use of the currency.
  • It has an ideal infrastructure for all types of investment.
  • Easy money foreign trade.
  • Having all the necessary services for any project.

Establishing a company in the free zones

Dubai is one of the most important countries that has worked to facilitate all investment laws. In order to attract more investors around the world, Where it worked to build an excellent infrastructure for the recovery of all types of investment, She also made the most form of residence in the United Arab Emirates, It gives more advantages to investors, up to 100% benefit from net profits, with no need for a local sponsor. So Dubai has now become a woman of success and a land of dream opportunities.

A company can be established in the free zone through:

  • Project selection

Before you start establishing your company in the free zone, You must first choose the type of business that you will invest in, such as a commercial project, industrial, …etc

  • Determine the start-up capital.
  • Reserving a trade name for the company and it must not contain any vulgar words, It expresses the activity state.
  • choose a site to work, Whether it is rent or own.
  • Obtaining the initial approval from the concerned authorities.
  • And then get the operating license.

Documents required to establish a company in the free zone

  • Submit a copy of the commercial license for the existing project.
  • Colored copies of passports plus signature forms, For each of the shareholders, members of the Board of Directors and managers.
  • A highly audited report of the company’s budget, which is up-to-date. It expresses the status of the company during the last two years.
  • A letter stating the sponsor’s no objection to practicing the activity.
  • Title deed for the company’s website.
  • letter of intent
  • Recognition code template.

Company registration in the free zone

  • Facility registration application.
  • The director of the company is appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • Authorization of the principal by a legal agency.
  • The company’s articles of incorporation are certified by a notary public.
  • Director’s signature form.
  • A personal photo of the manager.
  • Shareholder balance document.

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