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Establishing a limited liability company in Dubai

Establishing a limited liability company in Dubai

Establishing a limited liability company in Dubai

Establishing a limited liability company in Dubai is not that easy to complete its procedures, due to the many steps that the investor must take.

However, the establishment of a limited liability company in the Emirates, One of the most important steps any investor can take on the path to success and exclusivity.

Where its essence lies in the investment and personal advantages that will be obtained by the shareholders.

Therefore, let us review with you the most important steps needed to establish a limited liability company in Dubai.


Establishing a limited liability company in Dubai


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It is one of the most common types of companies in Dubai. It has a large number of investors up to fifty investors.

In addition to a large number of managers, sometimes up to eleven.

One of the most important conditions for establishing such a company is that about 55% of the company’s share should be owned by local investors or shareholders. It must also have a name that reflects its economic activity.


Where can a limited liability company be incorporated?

The company can be incorporated in any emirate in the Arab Emirates.

Where there is more than one circle of activity in which the company can practice its investment fields.

A limited liability company can also be established in the DMCC Free Zone, which is one of the most important investment areas in Dubai, which provides a very ideal infrastructure for investment.


So what are the steps to registering an LLC?

  • Determine the company’s activity first, This is because each economic department has its own activity.
  • The company obtains the initial approval for its investment project.
  • Reserve the project name.
  • If the investment activity of the company requires some special approvals from some private government agencies. It must be obtained before starting an LLC.
  • Translate all company documents, By a legal translator, before submitting it to the responsible authorities.
  • Existence of the Memorandum of Association with the obligation of all shareholders in the company to sign the contract in front of the notary public, Noticeable

In the event that one of the shareholders is unable to come, any person can be delegated and a power of attorney is made to sign in his place.

  • Submitting all papers to the Special Economic Department, After that, the trade license is issued.


What are the advantages of establishing a limited liability company?

There are some advantages that your company offers you if it is a limited liability company, Those features are:

  • Exemption from personal or corporate taxes.
  • Shareholders are responsible for the share size of each shareholder.
  • The limited liability company can, To invest in any business.
  • The company may practice its activities in the DMCC free zone.
  • Shareholders of the company can obtain a residence visa, This is without any security deposits.
  • Opening a company bank account easily and quickly.
  • Shareholders can own shares of other investment companies.


Now that we know how to establish a limited liability company in Dubai , we hope you like the article.

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