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Incorporation of companies in Dubai – real estate agent license

Incorporation of companies in Dubai - real estate agent license

Incorporation of companies in Dubai – real estate agent license

Dubai is a real estate investment hub. Real estate is one of the most profitable long-term investments.

If you intend to start investing in real estate, You may have some inquiries and questions that need an answer, Such as:

  • How do you start your first real estate company in Dubai?
  • What is the structure of the real estate company?
  • What are the procedures for registering a property in Dubai?
  • How do you get a real estate license in Dubai?

Here you can find accurate answers to all your questions and inquiries…


Incorporation of companies in Dubai - real estate agent license


Establishing a real estate company in Dubai

If you intend to start establishing your first real estate investment project in Dubai, There are many procedures to be followed and requirements to be met.

First, We must highlight the company structure. Where the structure of real estate companies in Dubai is determined based on the system of shareholders …


Real estate company structures in Dubai

A real estate company can be established according to any of the following structures:

sole proprietorship

A limited liability company

civil company

As for real estate brokerage, The company or individual must obtain a certificate from the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) of the Dubai Land Department.

The real estate license and agent registration number are issued after attending a course from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.


How do you get a real estate license in Dubai?

The real estate industry in the UAE is a major contributor to the country’s economy.

You can apply for a property management license in Dubai from the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

Where the license covers a wide range of commercial activities that vary between:

Contracting with cleaning, maintenance and security companies

Provider of administrative requirements for real estate space

real estate broker arrangements, and more.


Contribution agreements for different real estate institutions

If you are considering setting up a limited liability company in the UAE to obtain a property management consultancy company license, You should know that the new amendments to the law have now allowed natural and legal persons to establish companies regardless of their nationalities.

However, The law may not apply to some companies that may be excluded based on Cabinet decisions and companies wholly owned by federal or local governments or their subsidiaries.


Types of business activities related to real estate in Dubai

Different types of real estate licenses are available in Dubai. Real estate brokerage is the most common. It consists of two groups – mediation in the sale and purchase of real estate.

The role of real estate brokerage is to act as a link between landlords and tenants.

Buying and selling mediation involves the purchase of real estate between owners and buyers.


How to register a real estate company in Dubai

The following is an explanation of the steps for establishing a real estate company in Dubai:

1 . Choose the trade name

Choosing a trade name and obtaining the approval of the Department of Economic Development is the first step in forming a company.

2 . Initial approval request

submit the required application form, With other supporting documents (for example, A copy of the investor’s passport, and a picture, etc.) and get the initial approval from the authorities.

3 . Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) approval

to start a real estate company, The investor/manager/manager must attend the RERA course and pass the exam.

Once the certificate of approval is obtained from RERA, the formal contract and other agreements can be prepared accordingly.

4. Legal documentation

Once the initial approval is received and the RERA certificate is obtained, Investor can find office space, Then the lease can be prepared.

Articles of Association must be prepared by the investor. In the case of a limited liability company structure (a company with more than one shareholder).

Also, The Partnership Agreement for the LLC should be ready.

5 . License from the Department of Economic Development

To obtain a real estate license from the Authority, all papers for the investor, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the approval of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the lease contract, etc., must be submitted to the Department of Economic Development. Documents to be submitted

The following papers must be submitted to the company to approve the activities of a real estate trading company in Dubai.

RERA application form

Work permit copy from DED

payment receipt

RERA Course Certification

Rent control/Ejari copy

Site Map

6 . Registration with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (DNRD) and the Ministry of Labor

The company must be registered with DNRD and the Ministry of Labor in order to recruit and issue visas.

7. Get an agent card

It is mandatory for the real estate agent that the company deals with to hold an agent license issued by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. Contact Etqan team and get your real estate license


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