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What are the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai?

What are the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai?

What are the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai?

The procedures for establishing a company in Dubai, and it is considered one of the most important steps before starting work on your private investment project.

But first, you must know what are the nature of the steps that you must follow in establishing your own company.

Therefore, through this article, We will review all the tasks and procedures for establishing companies in Dubai.


What are the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai?


What are the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai?

There are two types of procedures that you should know before starting to establish a company in Dubai .

First a rational decision with some steps that you should know and follow before starting.

Secondly, some of the official steps required to start establishing your investment company, where was the type of its field.

Therefore, you must first know the following:

  • Think for yourself and find out the reasons

It is very important to think with yourself and know why you want to invest in this particular field over others.

Do you have experiences? Do you have enough capital to start?

All I ask him you must know the answer to it, Because it will really make a difference with you in the way you plan your future work.

It is very important that you have at least the outline of any investment project you would like to start.

  • I am looking for a project idea

Many people have the capital and other ingredients that can make any project succeed.

But the question always baffles them, What type of project am I involved in?

And this question remains the difference, We must know what kind of field we can invest in.

This is done through extensive and in-depth market study. Knowing the needs of the market and targeting any sites specifically.

  • Investment advice

One of the very important steps before starting your investment project, To consult with experts in this field.

In order to avoid many troubles in the future, which could turn into a loss.

The fact that the experienced people will give you the best plans that you can rely on and implement your investment project with confidence and without making any mistakes. This is in terms of choosing the appropriate type of investment or location.

Therefore, you can contact Etqan Investment Services, Which will connect you to the best experts in the field.

Documents required to establish a company

There are some documents required, Through which you will work to create a cover that protects your company in the future from any threats that may occur.

The documents are as follows:

  • You must first determine the commercial activity of the company, will it be tourism, industrial, agricultural.. etc.
  • The legal form of the company is determined to be a private or public shareholding company, partnership, or limited liability company…etc.
  • Choosing the trade name of the company, It expresses the type of activity and does not contain any vulgar language.
  • Request to obtain the initial approval from the concerned authorities.
  • Company incorporation contract.
  • Choose the location from which the company will carry out the activity.
  • Submit all the documents you install with the aforementioned.
  • Obtaining all other government approvals.

You can seek the help of Itqan Investment Services Company , to obtain the best investment advice in all economic fields.

This is because it has the best specialized cadres in all investment fields.

The company also provides all the services needed by businessmen through the most skilled experts and trainers.

That is why Etqan is one of the pioneers of investment consulting companies in all Gulf countries.

That is why we always strive to provide all services to all our customers everywhere.

Now that we have learned about the procedures for establishing companies in Dubai . We hope that all of our valued readers liked the article.

Contact us today and get a free consultation to implement all your business plans!


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