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The cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai

The cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai

The cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai

How much does it cost to open a commercial registry in Dubai? Why establish your company in Dubai? The process of establishing a company or setting up a commercial project in Dubai or obtaining a commercial registry or a commercial license is not a difficult or complicated process. The government is keen to facilitate all stages of the investment process in Dubai .

Here are the most important things you need to know to open a commercial registry and the cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai , the steps to open a commercial registry and the advantages that you get as a businessman when opening a commercial registry in Dubai.


The cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai

What is the cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai?

Investing and establishing various projects in Dubai requires legal documents for each procedure in the business establishment journey, and each procedure requires the payment of a specific amount of costs that vary from one region to another and from one type of activity to another.

Despite the many countries that receive investors and support investment projects, the city of Dubai in the UAE is a very attractive area for investors due to the ease of procedures and the low costs.

Also, opening a commercial registry requires a set of legal steps and documents and paying the cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai . If you want to accurately view these costs according to your activity, contact us on our numbers. Here are some of the requirements that you need to know to establish a business in Dubai:

  • Paying the value of purchasing land or the value of the annual rent to establish the workplace for the project.
  • The value of the costs of issuing a commercial license according to its type (permanent or immediate license or merchant license).
  • Payment of the required cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai.
  • The value of the fees for the various legal procedures and steps during the incorporation process.
  • The costs of all visas for expatriate employees to work under the name of the company in Dubai.


What are the steps to open a commercial registry in Dubai?

What are the steps that you, as an investor, are required to go through in order to open a commercial registration in Dubai ? The Commercial Register requires legal steps from you in order to receive the official document of the Commercial Registration in order to be able to conduct business in Dubai.
Below are the steps for opening a commercial register in Dubai through the official Dubai Economy website. As follows:

  • After you enter the official website of Dubai Economy, enter the commercial registration service.
  • Log in by entering your email and password to apply for a commercial registration.
  • I start by adding all the company details like: Location, The primary and secondary activity of the company and the addition of all parties contributing to the company and their complete data as requested.
  • Choose the type of commercial license you want to obtain and add the details of the parties to the commercial license, such as: Managers or service agents and others, and add their data, such as: Passport or ID number and contact information.
  • Identify the final beneficiary of the project.
  • After that, send the company documents, provided that they are signed by all parties.
  • Pay the cost of opening a commercial registration in Dubai, after which you can receive the commercial registration and related documents.


What are the conditions for opening a commercial registry in Dubai?

We discussed in a previous title that Dubai is the most encouraging and attractive city for businessmen. It has various types of advanced services, facilities and ingredients that are a cornerstone for the establishment of investment projects in Dubai of all kinds.
The UAE also provides many advantages that we will discuss in the following heading, which facilitate the investment process and contribute to the expansion of projects.
In order for the businessman or investor to benefit from these advantages and facilities, he must adhere to several conditions in order to invest legally and to be able to open a commercial registry in Dubai. In the following lines, we discuss the conditions for opening a commercial registry in Dubai as follows:

  • First and before any procedure, the type of activity that will be established in Dubai must be determined in order to obtain licenses and the appropriate commercial register for it.
  • Choosing a trade name for your investment business is a step that must comply with the laws and regulations in Dubai. It includes a set of conditions: not contrary to public taste, expresses the type of activity, It does not include the name of another commercial entity or government agency.
  • The need to ensure that the initial approval for the activity is obtained from the competent authorities in Dubai Investments in a proper legal manner.
  • Providing a place to work, suitable rent for the field, and the condition of providing a contract notarized and certified by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
  • A businessman wishing to establish an investment business cannot possess more than one commercial license and is required to submit the licenses to the competent department in Dubai.
  • Provision of an office space of not less than 200 feet, which is suitable for the requirements of the field in which you will work in Dubai.
  • The need for approvals from government agencies in accordance with the activities related to these agencies, and they require approval in accordance with the requirements.
  • Payment of the required value of the cost of the commercial license in Dubai according to the type of activity and payment of the cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai .


What are the advantages of establishing companies in Dubai?

There is no limit to the privileges granted by the city of Dubai to businessmen and investors wishing to work and establish investment businesses in Dubai. In the following points, we offer you the advantages of establishing a company in Dubai for different nationalities, as follows:

  • The land of profitable investments at the level of the Middle East and the competition of many foreign investment countries.
  • The huge amount of facilities in paying costs and facilities in the procedures for applying and the flexibility that you witness in transactions.
  • In a few minutes, any procedure can be taken from anywhere in the world through the electronic platforms available around the clock and that include all the services that you might think of in order to perform or apply for any legal step.
  • Paying the cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai and paying the costs of the trade license and its renewal through the available electronic payment methods.
  • Supporting young investors and providing training courses and business incubators to guide them properly and follow their steps in order to put them at the beginning of the road to global markets.
  • Tax and customs exemptions, the right to full ownership of the company, and full disposition of the profits in the free zones in Dubai.
  • Great interest in developing transportation networks, roads and bridges that are being developed and built on a global basis that serves and connects all roads to each other.
  • Dubai is a stable city on all political and economic levels, and the cultural awareness among citizens contributes to the development, growth, and stability of the conditions of the companies established there.


How do we help establish investment companies in Dubai?

  • We will support you on your way to investing, establishing companies, and choosing the appropriate area to establish a business in Dubai or the free zones near it.
  • Don’t worry and don’t waste your time going to service centers and conducting government transactions. We handle all this and more.
  • We will, on your behalf, process the payment of all costs, such as: The cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai and the cost of obtaining and renewing a commercial license.
  • Have you encountered a problem or want urgent legal advice? You do not need to worry, as our team includes the most skilled legal consultants.
  • We are with you throughout the day through our contact numbers and our website to provide all support.

For more information about the cost of opening a commercial registry in Dubai or any procedure for establishing your company in Dubai , just contact us and we will support you from A to Z.


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