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Media Zone Authority in Abu Dhabi

Media Zone Authority in Abu Dhabi

It is one of the most important free zones in Abu Dhabi and was established as a free media zone in Abu Dhabi. Pursuant to Law No. (12) of 2007. that, With the aim of consolidating Abu Dhabi’s position in the field of Arab media content industry.

It is the body responsible for setting and implementing the regulations, policies and plans governing the management and operation of the free zone .

The free zone of the Abu Dhabi Media Zone Authority provides attractive financial incentives to companies. It allows full foreign ownership within an effective and clear regulatory framework, which has contributed to making it one of the fastest developing global regions in the world.

It should be noted that the prominent names in the media world have opened branches within the Free Media Zone, Such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC ), CNN, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Financial Times, and others.

Media Zone Services

The Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi is responsible for supervising all aspects of regulation and licensing in the Media Zone – Abu Dhabi. including the development of zone-specific regulations, instructions, policies and procedures and ensuring adherence to them, Registering and licensing companies , branches, and individual license holders ( freelance employees) and providing content-related directions and instructions to entities licensed to operate in the region. The Authority provides the following services in the Media Zone – Abu Dhabi:

developing regulations, And the regulations and policies of the media area and ensuring their implementation.

Establishment and registration of companies and branches of companies

Licensing companies, branches and independent employees.

Maintain records of all registered entities , including companies, branches and independent employees.

Providing continuous services such as: Facilitate changes with respect to shareholders and directors, Issuing certified copies and extracts from the Authority’s register, And certificates of good conduct.

Dissolution of companies and closure of branches.

Provide directions and instructions related to the content.

Implement mechanisms that ensure compliance with the regulations and rules of the media zone

Licensing in the media area

The free zone companies, with all their entities of joint liability, branches and individual licenses, are affiliated to the Media Zone Authority in Abu Dhabi, The licenses shown below are provided to both companies and individuals currently present or looking to work in the future in the Media Zone-Abu Dhabi:

Incorporation and registration of free zone companies with limited liability and branches;

Licensing and renewal of licenses for free zone companies with limited liability, branches and independent employees

providing continuous services, Such as facilitating the change of shareholders, directors, and general managers, and issuing certified copies, extracts of the Authority’s register, and certificates of good conduct.

Dissolving the free zone companies with limited liability and closing the branches.

Legal entities in the Media Zone – Abu Dhabi:

There are three types of entities affiliated with the Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi, each of which is characterized by ease of establishment and smooth procedures:

Free Zone Company with Limited Liability (FZ-LLC) : Establishment of a legal entity in the Media Zone – Abu Dhabi;

branch: Establishing a branch in the Media Zone – Abu Dhabi, It is legally related to the parent company based in another jurisdiction. (inside or outside the UAE)

Individual license (independent employee): Licensing an individual to work in his/her personal capacity from the Media Zone – Abu Dhabi as a professional for media work.

After selecting the entity type, You will need to work with the twofour54 corporate team to agree on the right space for your needs. Freelancers do not need to rent a private space. If you want to join the Media Zone Authority in Abu Dhabi and establish your business in it, contact the Itqan team now , who will assist you through all stages of establishment.


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