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Learn about Dubai Science Park with Itqan

Learn about Dubai Science Park with Itqan

The Dubai Science Park is the first free zone in the Middle East dedicated to supporting science sectors of all kinds and encouraging innovation by supporting scientific entrepreneurs. Small, large and medium enterprises and multinational companies.

The Dubai Science Park was formed, Formerly known as Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DBIOTIC), As a result of TECOM Group taking the decision to merge the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park with the Energy and Environment Park (ENPARC) to form an incubating environment for the business sector that includes more than 400 companies that employ more than 4,000 employees today. Within the fields of energy and environmental sciences, among others.

Objectives of the Dubai Science Park

The free zone in the Dubai Science Park seeks to support scientific research and innovation through several practices through which it seeks to create the appropriate climate to advance development and achieve the aspirations of Dubai Vision 2021. This is through its constant endeavor to achieve several conditions, the most important of which are:

Providing a distinguished work environment and infrastructure suitable for all types of companies , to enable them to develop and achieve sustainable development.

create conditions for a more self-sufficient future, depends on the sustainable use of resources and talents, Where the complex seeks to achieve its objectives by promoting, The elements of innovation in the science sector, stimulating growth and bringing about change in the fields of humanities, and plant sciences, and materials, and energy, and environmental sciences.

Providing ample office and laboratory space and adequate infrastructure for scientific research purposes, In addition to being a vibrant residential complex, Dubai Science Park is keen to create the right environment for business to flourish.

Advantages offered by the Dubai Science Park:

Dubai Science Park offers many advantages for those wishing to establish their companies and businesses in them. Most notably:

100% ownership

Tax and customs exemptions

Transfer money without additional fees

Freedom to choose employment

In addition to many, many other benefits offered by the Dubai Science Park to support businesses and investors.

To learn more about establishing companies in Dubai Science Park, contact our team , who will provide you with all the information and advice you need to help you get started.


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