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Invest in Dubai

Invest in Dubai

Invest in Dubai

Invest in Dubai

Investing is the practice of buying assets which may include stocks, mutual funds, etc., To receive capital gains and returns. Investments are largely associated with a longer term than savings. Therefore, United Arab Emirates provides, In addition to the free business environment and tax-free zones, a dynamic financial field for potential investors, Free zones were also established to facilitate investment, and these zones were supported by the enactment of laws regulating investment, including the Free Zones Law. There are many investment opportunities in Dubai, Especially for former customers to make the most of their money. Investing can be a complex subject; This article focuses on detailing those options and providing an understandable insight.


Invest in Dubai


Take advantage of investment opportunities in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is famous for its lavish lifestyle. All credit cards provide an enticement to investors. In such cases, Investing is the only way to make some return on your money. Saving in the bank was never the right choice. As the interest accumulated on them is insignificant compared to the size of inflation experienced by all countries of the world, in addition to the sudden economic crises that sweep the world from time to time. Once you spend some money, You should look for alternatives to make that money work for you, and to do so; You can choose some of the following areas to adopt investment and achieve more success:


Real estate

Before investing in the real estate market, One should take into consideration the economic growth of that region. With Dubai being one of the fastest growing economies, Investing in real estate can be a good option. Regardless of economic growth, Dubai is one of the best tourist spots in the world. This is one of the positive aspects that add value to investing in real estate in Dubai.

As well as it could be for Expo 2020, which will start from October 2021, significant impact on most sectors in Dubai, Including real estate. Given all the major developments as well as population growth, Real estate investors in Dubai can make a good return on investment.



Dubai is the land of precious metal, Gold is another form of investment in Dubai and has good resale value. They can be sold at any time and get a good profit. It is a safe investment that helps in the long run. The gold market continues to fluctuate daily. So before investing in it, You should analyze the market and invest in time.

other than jewelry, There are several other ways to invest in gold such as gold coins, gold bonds, gold ETFs, etc. Also, companies that work with gold in Dubai have a financial return and abundant profits.

There are also many areas of investment in Dubai that provide all possible solutions that provide investment opportunities and the formation of companies in various fields of business. The UAE has also developed a set of laws and regulations that meet business requirements, organize and conduct them in a flexible manner. Within the framework of foundations and principles that are based on the rules of justice and respect for the rights of all customers. This page reviews a set of commercial regulations and laws that govern economic establishments and their activities in the UAE. Among these laws was, Free Zones Law.


Laws governing free zone companies

Establishments in free zones are subject to the laws in force therein. These laws vary depending on the region in which your business is located. and sometimes, It may require compliance with the regulations of another government agency that govern your particular commercial or industrial activity.


What are the laws that apply to companies in free zones?

Laws concerned with regulating business and economic activities are generally applied to free zone companies. Except for Federal Law No. (2) of 2015 regarding commercial companies, which applies to commercial companies established within the country.

Free zone companies are bound by the laws related to the type of economic activity in terms of its practice. property protection, health, safety and environment systems, In addition to the applicable instructions in the concerned free zone.

Itqan Dubai can also facilitate all procedures required for establishing companies and investing in Dubai .

Investor visa

Among the facilities that the UAE gives to investors is the investor visa to enter the UAE. Dubai encourages investors around the world to set up their headquarters in the UAE. providing a safe home for their businesses and families through the customized investor visa program.


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