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Benefits of investing in Dubai

Benefits of investing in Dubai

The world has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Real estate investors are likely to reevaluate the best place to invest in the latter part of 2020. Dubai is the best place for economic recovery after covid-19, In addition to the laws followed by the UAE that regulate investment in Dubai , including the laws of free zones. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still in effect.

And therefore, Some of the world’s economies are still reeling from the fallout. But Dubai is ready to recover. While there is no doubt that the pandemic has hit the UAE economy, However, the country was less affected than other developed countries. This is due in part to the aggressive and fast-acting measures the country has taken to contain the virus.


The pandemic has hit the hardest – in Japan, the US, the eurozone and the UK – the World Bank’s forecasts for 2020 are much worse than they have been. But he has positive expectations for the year 2021. But Dubai exceeded all expectations and succeeded in keeping its economy strong given that the restrictions were relatively short-lived in Dubai and early in the pandemic as well. The emirate managed to take a head start in its recovery. Many global lockdowns are now being eased. The travel and tourism industry in the emirate is open. So Dubai is in a prime position to receive a boost from visitors and to bring back income from tourism.


The delayed Expo 2020 since last year will be held in October this year 2021. Continued government stimulus will help the economy recover relatively quickly. Projections are that this could happen as early as 2021 – much earlier than anywhere else.


Benefits of investing in Dubai


What are the benefits of investing in Dubai?


A very attractive lifestyle

There are only a few places in the world that can offer the quality of life that Dubai has to offer. Thanks to its modern infrastructure, Together with world-leading dining, leisure and entertainment options, amazing architecture, luxury shopping, The emirate is very attractive to investors from all over the world.

Note that its position as a global aviation hub makes it easy to get to Dubai from almost anywhere on the planet. And the continued investment in visionary infrastructure projects – such as RTA autonomous mobility and artificial intelligence projects – will make Dubai an even more amazing place to live in the future. Dubai offers residents some great living options.


A stable and well-structured investment framework

Dubai provides a politically stable environment for investment. Beside that, Investing in Dubai is particularly well regulated. There is an excellent framework in place that keeps investments in Dubai safe for both developers and investors. This warranty list includes, and rent ceilings for offices in Dubai, And the laws regulating work and investment in free zones, In the post-COVID-19 world, This environment will be very reassuring. There is no doubt that the world has suddenly become completely different. However, Investing in Dubai remains a safe and desirable option. Investing now in Dubai provides investors with the opportunity to obtain good deals and establish corporate headquarters in Dubai, especially in free zones . This is likely to lead to better returns on investment as the economy continues to recover and the demand for rental properties increases.


Investor visa

When obtaining an investor visa, this increases the advantages of investing and doing business in the UAE. The foreigner usually wants to obtain favorable conditions for doing business (the investor), high income from work (employee), and the chance to live in a rich and safe country, And get excellent investments (clients benefiting from the investment).

And all of this can be found right here in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). this country, A person who obtains a residence permit in the UAE has practically unlimited opportunities for business growth, The appointed specialist with a document permitting his/her stay receives a high salary and good social guarantees in the UAE. Investors and owners of companies and businesses (also receive a residence permit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) Access to local medicine, education, entertainment, local beaches and a lot of other things in the United Arab Emirates. The person who obtained an investor visa here can live in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates, for at least two years, He enjoys a high standard of living and security in the country. After obtaining a UAE residence visa, You get nearly equal rights with the citizens of this country, And if you follow the laws of the United Arab Emirates, You can live in the state for more than a decade.



Accordingly, Itqan Dubai offers you many opportunities to start your investment successfully. An integrated team of the highest level of efficiency, excellence and professionalism is allocated for you to help you and provide you with the necessary advice when establishing your own company and starting your investment in Dubai.

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