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investment in Dubai

investment in Dubai

investment in Dubai

Investment opportunities in Dubai


1. Real estate investment in one of the most beautiful cities in the world is a golden and safe opportunity for investors. During the year 2018, foreign direct investment flows to the Emirate of Dubai recorded a record jump. It ranked first in the world in the Best Performing Cities Index. And the sixth in the index of the most attractive cities for foreign direct investment capital flows during the past year

2. Investing in stocks and bonds is an excellent opportunity if it is done with the necessary consultations and deliberate steps

3. Investing in opening a commercial activity and taking advantage of the fertile environment that has been created to receive businessmen from all over the world


investment in Dubai


Why Dubai?

Dubai ranked first in the “Financial Times” report “Best Performance in Foreign Direct Investment” globally for the year 2018. Which confirmed Dubai’s superiority over London, Paris, Dublin and Singapore. It appeared in all reports of the global rankings of the best investment sites issued in 2018 by the “FDI Markets” index. which monitors data on capital flows and new foreign direct investment projects around the world, and reports of the «FDI» index, which identifies the best foreign direct investment sites in the world through benchmarking comparisons.

From this point of view, all eyes are directed to the UAE, which is the ideal country to realize your investment dream and establish your company, and our task here is to obtain your trade license within a few days.

The period required to obtain a license to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates depends on the type of activities that you wish to engage in, in addition to the legal form of the company. Where there are commercial activities that require approvals from more than one federal or governmental entity, However, the Government of Dubai always guarantees to all investors the provision of unparalleled facilities and services to make Dubai the ideal destination for doing business and establishing companies.

The Free Trade Zone is an area with a special status for several reasons.
First: It is a tax-free zone with low trade barriers.
Secondly: Goods can be manufactured, imported, exported, traded, or reconfigured.
Third: Activities are not subject to any customs duties!


Free zones in Dubai

Free trade zones are generally located in strategic geographic locations such as international airports, national borders and major seaports in order to maximize trade advantages.

There are around 30 free zones located across the UAE and have attracted foreign direct investment in the form of massive companies contributing to the growth of the UAE’s GDP. Each is designed for a specific business activity and free trade zones provide very profitable facilities to non-resident companies such as 100% ownership, no bureaucratic red tape and the convenience of one-stop-shop management.

As for investment in Dubai, during the year 2018, foreign direct investment flows to the Emirate of Dubai recorded a record jump. It ranked first in the world in the Best Performing Cities Index. And the sixth in the index of the most attractive cities for foreign direct investment capital flows during the past year.

Free zones are subject to laws of their own and foreign investors, which guarantee the rights of all parties and regulate the investment process.

As a result, Dubai achieved record results that strengthened its position as a major hub in the global economy, as well as its position in the classification of capital flows of new investment projects. Dubai also succeeded in attracting 523 foreign direct investment projects in 2018, with a growth of 43% compared to 2017.


مزايا الاستثمار في دبي

Many people seek to solve their dreams, and one of the biggest dreams is investing in Dubai But of course, they do not know where to start and how to make a successful investment, and they also do not know what investment opportunities are available to them. Given the importance of the investment sector in Dubai, we must point out that the latest studies have shown that investments in Dubai this year may reach more than a trillion dollars, so of course it is A very attractive sector for investors, but also for investors for the first time in Dubai, there are many challenges and difficulties that will meet them, who must study the step in detail and know what they must do.


What advantages will you get as an investor in Dubai?

When you think about investing in Dubai , you should know that there are many advantages that you get in order to reach a successful investment and also in order to choose the best area for investment in Dubai from these features:

  • يمكنك الاستثمار بإنشاء أي شركة من أي نوع في أي مجال ( تجاري ,صناعي ,خدمي الخ…)
  • يمكنك ايضا اضافة خمس شركات اخرى كحد اقصى وايضا تحصل على تأشيرة اقامة.
  • يمكنك توظيف عاملين بشركتك ممن بلاد اخرى حيث يمكنك استخراج تأشيرات لهم.
  • هيئة الاستثمار في دبي تعفي من الضرائب بنسبة 100 بالمئة.
  • القانون يسمح لك بالتملك بنسبة 100 بالمئة لذلك فلست بحاجة الى مستثمرين محليين او اي هيئة الاستثمار التي قد تتحكم في شركتك.
  • ومن الميزات الرائعة انه يمكنك التنقل بشركتك بين دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي اي انك لست مقيد بموقع جغرافي معين.
  • القانون يسمح لك في النهاية بتحويل اموالك او جميع رأس مالك خارج البلاد.
  • ايضا يمكنك ان تملك العقارات في دبي والإمارات والاقامة والاستثمار بحرية.
  • توفر لك هيئة الاستثمار الإماراتي عمليات تسهيلات للسفر الى اوروبا والى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية.
  • وبالتبعية يمكنك الحصول على الإقامة العائلية مما يسهل الإقامة والاستثمار في دبي.


ماهي تكاليف الاستثمار في دبي؟

If costs investment in Dubai They are calculated by doing a study for any specific project. According to the activity or field you have chosen, the cost value is determined investment in Dubai Also, according to the extent of expansion in the field, as the costs vary, whether it is small projects for shops or the like, and whether the investment idea is to set up a factory or a company.


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