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ADFZ Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone

ADFZ Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone

The Emirate of the capital, Abu Dhabi, is not less important than the Emirate of Dubai in terms of trade and economic growth. Dubai also includes a large number of free zones. This means that Abu Dhabi, in turn, is also home to many free zones. So if you are one of the entrepreneurs and are thinking of starting your business in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Follow this article, which talks about one of the most prominent free zones in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone , and the advantages it provides.

About Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone is located near Abu Dhabi International Airport. The area was developed by Sky City. It is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Airports Company. This free zone provides a large number of modern facilities and infrastructure that are usually the focus of attraction and interest for investors , such as luxury commercial offices, logistical facilities, and some plots of land in distinctive locations. As the Abu Dhabi free zone, it offers packages of advantages, such as tax exemptions and the possibility of foreign ownership. in the area.

Advantages of Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone

Companies tend to be located in the Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone, due to the facilities and advantages it provides that help investors to establish easily and in simple steps. The most important of them:

  • 100% corporate tax exemptions
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Repatriation of 100% of the capital and profits
  • There are no customs fees
  • Proximity to the airport to facilitate import and export operations
  • Fast and simple registration and licensing procedures
  • Easy access to regional markets

target sectors

Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone is being established with the aim of building a unique commercial destination for organizations in many sectors and fields, the most important of which are:

  • Aviation
  • The space
  • Defense
  • Airport services
  • logistics
  • the goods
  • Shipping
  • Information and communication technology
  • the pharmacy
  • Consulting management
  • Trading
  • light industries
  • Marketing
  • Providers of other services related to the aviation industry in one way or another, as well as some industrial activities, And that seeks to obtain the advantage of the distance close to the airport for the purposes of import and export.

Facilities provided by Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone

The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone also provides many facilities and infrastructure that are suitable for various commercial activities and provide investors with flexibility and freedom in choosing the locations of their business:

storage units

Commercial offices

Fully equipped workspaces

Partially fitted offices

tracts of land for development purposes

A full suite of essential amenities to serve your daily business needs

Retail licenses

Itqan helps you establish your companies in the Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone by providing a complete and comprehensive set of free zone services in one place, including the following:

registration of the company


Licenses included

Commercial licenses

Service licenses

Light industry licenses


Express visa processing for employees

Corporate legal forms

Companies can also operate according to the following legal options

A branch of a foreign or local company

For individuals: A company in the free zone with limited liability

For companies: A company in the free zone with limited liability

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