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Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone

تم تأسيس المنطقة الحرة لسوق أبوظبي العالمي بموجب مرسوم اتحادي في عام 2013 لتكون مركزاً مالياً دولياً ومقراً مميزاً لتأسيس الشركات والأعمال في الإمارات العربية المتحدة، كما يعتبر أحد أهم أجزاء الرؤية الاقتصادية لإمارة أبوظبي لعام 2030، إذ يتميز سوق أبوظبي العالمي بقوانين تجارية ومدنية خاصة تضمن بيئة عمل ملائمة للأعمال. 

Continue reading this blog as we provide you with comprehensive information about the global market in Abu Dhabi and how to establish business in it.


Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone


What is Abu Dhabi Global Market?

The Abu Dhabi Global Market is concentrated in the global financial center on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi. It is a growing business and hospitality centre. With reference to the financial position, It is noteworthy that it has been recognized internationally for its distinguished financial services and ideal amenities for companies, It has been designed to act as a catalyst for the growth and development of local and international companies. As it works to support companies and provide them with solutions related to their practices and facilities, It also enjoys regulatory frameworks and laws in accordance with the best international standards.

Abu Dhabi Global Market is located in the financial and business district on Al Maryah Island. It is a financial free zone that extends over a total area of 114 hectares. It includes spaces designated for offices, shops and hotels. It includes 4 first-class office towers. Which: commodities, mirage, station, seal, In addition to the presence of two very high-end business hotels, They: Rosewood Abu Dhabi and Four Seasons Abu Dhabi, In addition to the presence of a 5.4-kilometer walkway that constitutes an architectural masterpiece. like that, Abu Dhabi Global Market Square includes luxurious and diverse commercial facilities, Covered with distinctive glass designs, Overlooking the island’s waterfront.

It should be noted that the Abu Dhabi market has obtained two certificates, Lead Core and Lead Gold Shell from the US Green Building Council, making it the first project to obtain these two certificates in the United Arab Emirates.


Abu Dhabi Global Market authorities

Abu Dhabi Global Market consists of 3 independent authorities:

1- Registry authority

2- The Financial Services Regulatory Authority

3- Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts

All of them provide an integrated environment that gives international companies a suitable work environment to carry out their activities and work with confidence

Registration authority

It is an entity that launches many incentive initiatives with the aim of targeting

New companies wishing to register in the market, It also assists companies in the stage of establishing their business and providing their services in an ideal manner.

The registration authority also provides many services, Including business licensing and registration and related matters.

It is responsible for dissolving and rebuilding market institutions.

Financial Services Regulatory Authority

This authority seeks to create a safe environment for companies to help them develop and improve their business effectively. This is done through a comprehensive financial system that promotes entrepreneurship and growth. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority implements and applies international standards and regulations. It follows an approach of regulatory transparency that works to create a trustworthy platform for regional and local clients.

Advantages of establishing a business in the Abu Dhabi Global Market

Regional and international companies benefit greatly from cooperation with ADGM. It provides an opportunity to take advantage of the advanced infrastructure and distinctive office spaces that are suitable for various business categories. In addition to providing digital systems, platforms and independent authorities that support the business like no other. Some other corporate features are also available, Such as:

Convenient and fast-paced procedures and processes

The business management system in the market applies practical, fast and easy procedures and methods for companies. Its modern digital resources and systems help complete and accelerate corporate tasks to the fullest. This while saving time and effort. In addition, The modern and advanced infrastructure of the Global Market Square in Abu Dhabi provides companies with an excellent work environment. This includes the various facilities and services that you provide to it.

Take advantage of independent courts

Global Market offers a flexible international approach to help companies resolve all legal disputes with the presence of independent courts and a transparent judiciary

Ownership and tax

Companies registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Financial Market have 100% ownership.

It enjoys a flexible tax system with a direct tax rate of 0%. Also, there are no restrictions imposed on the repatriation of business profits to the home country for international companies.


Requirements for establishing a company in the Abu Dhabi Global Market

The Abu Dhabi Global Market offers investors a privileged location and a dynamic space to attract investors from the global financial community. Start-up companies are seeking to enter the financial free zone with the aim of strengthening their presence in the region

If you are one of those who are planning to establish a company in the Abu Dhabi market, You must fill out an online form and attach the following documents:

True copy of the passport

Action Plan

Capital statement (for companies with limited budget)

Ticket reservation document

A statement of the intended address of the proposed company

A copy of the proposed Articles of Association

Board decision

Office lease

The relevant authorities may request other documents depending on the type of activity you wish to undertake.

Incorporating a company in the Abu Dhabi Global Market can be a bit complicated process. Because of the lengthy procedures and processes that entail. In addition to the many requirements and details that should be attached, As well as the lengthy regulatory procedures for each free zone. So, In order to avoid entering into all these processes and procedures, you can contact the Itqan team to assist you in completing all procedures as quickly as possible


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