Mohammed Al - Abar Success Story

·         Who is Mohammed Al - Abar?

·         The birth and genesis of Mohamed Al-Abar

·         The beginnings of Mohamed Al-Abar

·         Mohamed Al-Abar's Notable Achievements.

·         Muhammad Al-Abar's most important investment


Mohamed Al - Abar is one of the most famous businessmen in the Arab world in general and the Gulf in particular. He is famous for his role in founding the Emirate of Dubai in its modern architectural form, making it one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.


Who is Mohammed Al - Abar?

Emirati businessman Mohammad Al-Abar took second place on the list of the 100 most powerful Arab figures in 2009, according to Arab magazine.

It has become one of the most prominent economic names in the Middle East and has made memorable contributions to the establishment and transformation of the current image of the Emirate of Dubai as one of the world's most important financial and commercial centers.

Birth and Origin

Muhammad Ben Ali Al-Abar was born in Dubai on November 8, 1956, the son of a merchant ship captain who instilled a love of science and hard work in his son Mohammed.

Al-Abar received a government scholarship to study finance and business administration at American University in Beirut in the 1970s after completing primary school in the Emirates.

The Beginnings of Mohamed Al-Abar

Al - Abar began his career at the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates as a bank manager before moving to Singapore, where the United Arab Emirates hired him to manage its funds and investments there.

In 1992, he returned to Dubai and started working as a founding member Director-General of Economic Development. Due to his professional position, he developed a close relationship with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, and later became one of his key economic advisors, working with him to develop the tourism industry in Dubai and striving for its universal access.


Al-Abar was chosen as one of the world's most recognized worldwide marketing figures in 1996, after helping to launch the very successful Dubai Shopping Festival, which attracted over 2 million people.

He started the Agar Real Estate Company in 1997, which grew to become one of the most significant real estate firms in the country.


Notable Achievements

Al-Abar contributed to the debut of the highly successful Dubai Shopping Festival in 1996, attracting over 2 million visitors, and as a result, was selected as one of the world's most famous international marketing figures in the same year.

In 1997, he founded the EMAAR Real Estate Company, later becoming one of the most important real estate companies in the world, developing important real estate sites in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, as well as developing several of Dubai's most prominent landmarks such as Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and Dubai Mall (the largest shopping mall in the world).

Another notable achievement was that he founded the Singapore-based RSH Group, a marketing and distribution company for the world's most famous fashion brand, as well as serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Africa Middle East Resources, which works in entertainment and hospitality in Malaysia.

As part of his goal to establish an electronic business platform across the Arab world, UAE billionaire Mohamed Al-Arabar led a group of investors to purchase a combined 16.45 percent interest in Dubai-based Aramex.

He subsequently created Non-Dotcom, a Middle Eastern market for electronic trade, which grew to become the largest firm in Gulf cooperation.

Muhammad Al-Abar's most important investment

UAE businessman Mohamed Al-Arabar led a group of investors to buy a combined 16.45% stake in Dubai-based Aramex as part of his plan to build an electronic business platform across the Arab world.

He then founded the website Non-Dotcom, which is a market for electronic commerce in the Middle East, and later became the largest company in Gulf cooperation countries.

Alabar also owns 4% of the shares of YNAP, a global online fashion company.

In June 2016, he made his historic deal, with his own-led firm Adeptia buying the Milkana Group, which owns famous fast-food restaurants in the Middle East such as KFC and Pizza Hut, in a massive deal that cost more than $2 billion.

We'll wrap off with one of A guiding Abar's beliefs, which played a key part in his success:

"Making a lot of mistakes is essential for learning, as is the necessity to get started fast and not be afraid to postpone stages, as well as self-development and reviewing future goals." - Mohamed Al-Abar, a millionaire from the United Arab Emirates


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