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What are the ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners?

What are the ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners?

Ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners, it is called the City of Dreams as it is among the largest cities that provide a high income per capita on its land.

Dubai is also one of the developed cities that possesses the latest modern technologies in the world. Therefore, it attracts both investors and workers across the globe.

So let’s review the most important steps for establishing companies in Dubai for foreigners.

What are the ways to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners?

The steps of incorporating a foreign company in Dubai go through several steps. But the most important question here is why Dubai is the ideal place for investment?

Dubai is a unique place for any investor, as it offers several advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Tax exemption can last for life

The Dubai government does not require foreign companies to pay any taxes. This feature is one of the most important features that attract all investors from all over the world.

Foreign companies are exempted from taxes for up to five years. Sometimes the exemption is for life.

infrastructure in Dubai

Infrastructure is an important element to attract any foreign investment to any country.

Therefore, Dubai has an excellent infrastructure that facilitates transportation and communication for any project.

  • Diversity of business fields in Dubai

Dubai is diversified in several different areas. The investment is not limited to one area. So whatever type of business you have, you will definitely find the right environment to start with.

What are the procedures followed for establishing foreign companies in Dubai?

Companies go through several procedures before incorporation, the first of which is:

  • Choose a business

One of the first steps in establishing companies in Dubai is choosing the type of activity that the commercial establishment will practice. Which must correspond to the needs of the residents in that location for the project to succeed.

  • The company’s commercial register

It is by specifying a name for the commercial establishment for which it would like to establish a company in Dubai, One of the most important steps that you should know when choosing your trade name.

It is not to be a name that falls under the name of God or to be a name that has immoral or improper meanings.

And that the commercial activity is working on the economic development in Dubai.

  • Initial approval

Here, the company must obtain the initial approval from the General Administration of Residents and Foreigners, in order to be able to obtain the rest of the approvals from other responsible authorities.

  • Locate the company

One of the things that must be available when establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners is that the company has a fixed location and entity in Dubai or the Emirates.

The papers required to prove the location of the company must be submitted through a lease or ownership contract within one of the two previously mentioned cities.

  • Approval of the concerned and responsible authorities

This is done by obtaining approval from the responsible authorities, such as legal authorities, transportation agencies, and insurance companies.

  • And the last step in the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

(get instant license)

In order to obtain the instant license, you must first pay the commercial license of the free zone.

And then collect all the documents for the company and submit them to the Department of Economic Development.

These procedures are the required steps for every investor who wants to establish a commercial company in Dubai. You can certainly rely on Itqan Investment Services Company , in all of these procedures, which you will complete with ease, speed, and honesty.

This is because Itqan has the best cadres of specialists in the investment field to put your company on the right path to investment.


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