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What are the necessary procedures before leaving Dubai?

What are the necessary procedures before leaving Dubai?

With you, Etqan Company, in a new article. We explain to you what are the necessary procedures before leaving Dubai? You may have ended your work term in the UAE as an employee or as an investor and business owner. If it is time to leave the country, Know that it is necessary to review some documents. Before leaving so that the transfer to your country takes place in the best conditions. There are many reasons why you might leave Dubai. Either by choice or because you will have to! It should be noted that foreigners who unfortunately have to leave the country after losing their jobs will also lose their residence visa. A residence visa is the document that allows you to obtain residency status in the UAE.

We have created a comprehensive checklist that we hope will help you in knowing the procedures for leaving the UAE:

Cancellation of your residence visa in the UAE

If you decide to leave, It is up to you to inform your employer. Do not forget to take into account your departure certificate from the employer if you are an employee. You will also have to consider canceling residence visas for your dependents, i.e. your wife, parents and employees if you have a company, If you do not cancel your residence visa in time, Your departure will be delayed. So, We urge you to keep residence visa cancellation high on your priority list. Once your visa is cancelled, You will have 30 days to leave the country. If you remain for any reason on the territory of the United Arab Emirates after 30 days, By doing so, you expose yourself to significant fines for exceeding the authorized period of stay.

Get your financial rights before leaving

Whether you have quit your job or been fired by your employer, You will receive bonuses at the end of your career with the company. Give yourself and the company enough time to prepare and control your legal and financial matters.

Settle your debts and put your finances in order

In the UAE, Failure to pay debts is a criminal offense which, at worst, can result in your arrest and possibly a prison sentence. You will be automatically banned by immigration officers who are able to stop you from boarding the plane if you have outstanding debts. So it is necessary to pay off all your loans and settle all your debts in Dubai and UAE in general. Also remember to close your bank accounts in Dubai, You only need to go to the branch with your passport. Complete and submit the closing form. The bank can either transfer your money to another bank outside the UAE or give you cash.

Pay your bills

Don’t forget to contact customer service to request the final invoice for all your local contracts and pay the outstanding amounts. Also, remember to cancel subscriptions to cleaning companies, laundry, etc. The application for disconnection of electricity and water must be submitted in person from the Dubai Electricity and Water Office at their offices. Separation of the telephone contract and the Internet. terminate your lease, You must inform the landlord of your intentions within the time limit stipulated in the contract. Breaking a lease is not easy. You may have to pay an additional month’s rent if it is within the contract period. Negotiate with the landlord to find a solution that works for everyone.

Ask for your children’s school transfer certificates

Remember to ask for a school transfer certificate for your children. This document is necessary to enroll your children in a new institution. Also, If you leave in the middle of the school year, You can contact the school administration to see if it is possible to reimburse the fees paid in advance.

Lay off your employees

If you are a business owner in Dubai, You will need to inform your employees of your decision well in advance and give them plenty of time to find another employer. Once all legal formalities are completed, Send the documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Noticeable: We recommend starting planning at least 6 months in advance so you don’t get caught off guard.

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