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Types of companies in accordance with the law of the United Arab Emirates

Types of companies in accordance with the law of the United Arab Emirates

Types of companies in the United Arab Emirates Each country has some laws and procedures that it takes in setting up forms of companies within its borders.

So we will show you today through this article, Types of investment companies in the UAE.

Types of companies in accordance with the law of the United Arab Emirates

There are several types of investment companies in the UAE, And they are as follows:

  • Solidarity Company

The Solidarity Company, Through partnership between two or more persons.

Where all partners share in the capital, profit and loss.

It takes its trade name from one of the partners added to it (and its partners) and it can be called according to the company’s activity without adding it and its partners .

  • Among the types of companies in the UAE is the Limited Partnership Company

The concept of a limited partnership company is based on, That there be a partner or partners responsible for all the obligations and debts of the company.

In exchange for a partner or several partners who are not responsible for any obligations of the company except according to the amount of their share in the partnership.

  • Public joint stock company

It consists of the participation of more than five persons in establishing a company.

Each of them has a share in the company, which is divided in the form of tradable shares in the market.

Each partner is only asked about his share in the company.

  • Among the types of companies according to the law of the United Arab Emirates

Private joint stock company

A private joint-stock company consists of one or more persons. It can be owned by one legal person.

Its capital is not less than five million UAE dirhams.

Its shares may not be traded. All conditions apply to the owners of public shareholding companies.

It only trades its shares in the market. The company can change its nature from private to public.

  • A limited liability company

It is a partnership formation. Between partners not more than fifty.

Each of the partners is not responsible for any obligations or debts except to the extent of his share in the company.

When choosing a trade name, it must include the address of the limited liability company , next to the company name.

  • holding company

It is a type of company that establishes a commercial activity within the country by owning some shares in a company.

Or establish companies outside the borders of the state.

Its business is to provide financing to other companies, In exchange for some shares and the right to patents.

  • Individual Foundation

One of the types of companies within the United Arab Emirates is the sole proprietorship, which is a sole proprietorship owned by one person.

Carries out any kind of commercial activity, whether it is, agricultural, industrial, educational…. etc.

The owner of the company is responsible for all its obligations. full responsibility.

  • One person company

The investment law states, That any Emirati person can. Or from the Arab Gulf countries.

To establish his own individual company without any partners

It falls under the name of (LLC).

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