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The UAE announces new rules for obtaining a residence visa

The UAE announces new rules for obtaining a residence visa

These rules are mainly aimed at retaining and attracting global talent, Increasing competitiveness and flexibility in the labor market and enhancing a sense of stability among different nationalities. Where the United Arab Emirates approved the new executive regulations related to the decree of a federal law regarding the entry and residence of foreigners in the United Arab Emirates, According to the government, The new rules for several types of visas provide many advantages in addition to the ease of meeting the requirements. The new visas do not require any host or sponsor. And with simplified requirements and much easier than before.

Here are the different types of visas that the UAE is now offering:

Golden residency:

The 10-year long-stay visa is granted to exceptional talents, investors, students, distinguished alumni, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, scholars, professionals and heroes.

The new amendments allow golden residence visa holders to sponsor their family members and bring them to Dubai, regardless of age. They can also take house workers (maids) without any number limitation. There are no restrictions regarding the maximum length of stay outside the UAE in order to maintain the validity of the visa.

Residency is granted to scientists and researchers holding a PhD or Master’s degree. Candidates must also have significant research achievements. Visas are granted based on the recommendation of the Emirates Scholars Council.

The minimum educational qualification to apply for the visa must be a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, While the monthly salary must be more than 30 thousand dirhams.

Real estate investors can obtain the golden visa if they purchase a property of at least 2 million dirhams. Investors can also get it if they buy a property with a loan taken from specific local banks.

Green residence:

The green residency was created for a period of 5 years in order to attract investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed. With the granting of several advantages to bring in family members residing in the Emirates, With the extension of the allowed period to 180 days.

The beautiful thing is that the green residence is renewable without the need for a second party as a guarantor. The requirements are that you must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Human Resources for self-employment. Provided that you have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, And that your annual income is 360 thousand dirhams or more.

While the age of children has been extended from 18 to 25 years. In addition to unmarried girls, whatever their age. As for foreigners who obtained a green residency, they were allowed to bring their families, while enjoying the same period of residency as the head of the family.

Entry visas:

The United Arab Emirates offers visit visas for the first time without the need for a guarantor or host in order to facilitate the procedures. The visas have extendable visit periods of up to one year. All visas are available for more than one trip.

Study, training or qualification visa:

The UAE created this visa in order to facilitate the entry of foreign talents into the country to obtain job opportunities in the UAE market. And without any Emirati guarantor or host, This visa is granted to skilled workers at different levels of their occupations. It is also awarded to graduates of the top 500 universities around the world. Provided that the period of graduation does not exceed two years.

Visa to explore investment opportunities and business opportunities:

Now, according to the updates, as an investor, you can access the UAE market from its widest gates, without a guarantor or host, so that you can study the market and then judge whether it is suitable for you or not.

Tourist visa:

and that for 5 years, The beneficiary of this visa is entitled to stay in the UAE for 90 days. continuous and may be extended if necessary. This visa requires you to have at least $4,000 in your bank balance.

Visitor visa for a relative or friend:

According to the updates, it is sufficient for the candidate to be a relative or friend of his friend residing in the UAE to obtain his visa. Without anyone’s guarantee.

Work Mission Accomplishment Visa:

This is in order to complete temporary work or work within a trial plan between you and your employer. And your operator or the company with which you contracted is the guarantor for you inside the Emirates. It is also required to submit: Employment contract or administrative letter from your company with the need to prove your physical fitness.

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