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The necessary steps to launch your health clinic in Dubai in 2022

The necessary steps to launch your health clinic in Dubai in 2022

The healthcare market in the UAE is witnessing amazing growth with the high demand for healthcare and the increasing initiatives by the UAE government. The government is extensively upgrading and expanding the healthcare system to develop a robust healthcare infrastructure with world-class standards. The UAE always encourages health professionals as well as investors to establish healthcare facilities or research centers in Dubai. Many of them prefer to establish a clinic because its legal and administrative matters are very simple compared to opening a hospital in Dubai. The foreign investor can also consider establishing his clinic in a free zone in Dubai.

Conditions for opening a medical clinic in Dubai:

An investor who wants to set up a clinic in Dubai must possess relevant qualifications in the medical field that are recognized in the UAE. To practice medical or paramedical activities such as: acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, natural therapy , Osteopathy or Traditional Chinese Medicine. The founder of the clinic must obtain a professional license in Dubai and approval by the Dubai Health Authority by following the rules of the government authorities.

The necessary steps to launch your medical clinic in Dubai:

1- Choose the appropriate trade name:

While naming your medical service in Dubai, You must observe the naming rules and regulations in the country. Your trade name should not be similar to the names of healthcare companies based in the UAE to prevent trademark problems and you should also use only permitted terms. After choosing a trade name, You can submit an online application to the Department of Economic Development to reserve a trade name after it has been approved by the responsible authority.

2- Obtaining the initial approval from the department

After completing the registration of the trade name in the Department of Economic Development, The next step is to apply for approval to set up a clinic on the ground. The required documents must be submitted except for the passport and visa. The schematic design or architectural form designed for the clinic must be submitted to Dubai Municipality for approval.

3- Obtaining approval from the Dubai Health Authority:

After applying for approval from the Dubai Department of Economic Development, The next step is to obtain approval from the Dubai Health Authority which may take up to 10 days. The following are the documents required to be submitted to the Dubai Health Authority for initial approvals:

Department of Economic Development form
Initial approval inquiry receipt
Trade name reservation certificate
A copy of the passport of the project partners
Copy of the foreign partners’ visa if they are residents of the UAE
A copy of the Emirates ID card for Emirati partners
Partners’ entry stamp if they are not residing in the United Arab Emirates
Offer letter from partners

Dubai municipality certificate
Undertaking letter from Dubai Health Authority

The final step will be to apply for the trade license for your healthcare clinic by creating an account on the DHA portal. The DHA team will visit the clinic and conduct a field examination. Some additional documents may be required. The healthcare license will be issued based on the final examination report and it must include full compliance with the Dubai Health Authority requirements and conform to the specifications you have provided to them.

4- Obtaining the final approval from the department

To obtain final approval from the department, The partners or the owner of the project must refer to the department and provide the approval of the Dubai Health Authority to obtain the clinic license. And congratulations.

How much does it cost to set up a health clinic in Dubai?

The cost of obtaining DHA approval for a Dubai health clinic is as follows:
The initial approval from the Dubai Health Authority is estimated at AED 1,020. While the final approval from the Dubai Health Authority is estimated at AED 2,020. And establishing a clinic with two specialties costs about 20,040 AED, while with 3 specialties or more, it costs approximately 26,040 AED.

Establishing a health clinic in Baddi requires many costly steps in terms of time and money, and the difficulty of providing the conditions required by the National Health Authority, Therefore, you must seek the help of an intermediary who will guarantee you the opening of your health clinic as soon as possible. As a leading company in Dubai in establishing companies in Dubai, we welcome you to answer all your inquiries and establish your company now.


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