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The most important 3 scholarships in Saudi Arabia

The most important 3 scholarships in Saudi Arabia

Many students are looking for scholarships in Saudi Arabia. That is whether they are Arab or foreign students. This is due to the multiplicity of Saudi scholarships. In addition to the diversity of its fields, In addition to the state’s interest in education, Where it supports and develops it in various stages, That made it a destination for a large number of students.

Advantages regarding scholarships in Saudi Arabia

Obtaining scholarships in Saudi Arabia is special. This is due to the diversity of specializations of these grants. that meets the needs of the students, In addition to the distinction of the state in supporting education, That’s where the teaching staff are located, Modern curricula are also available. In addition to effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, Grants are also distinguished in terms of the financial aspect. This is due to the availability of many fully funded scholarships.

Examples of scholarships in Saudi Arabia

Examples of scholarships in Saudi Arabia are varied. This is due to their abundance In addition to covering all stages and specializations, These grants, for example, are not limited to:

Saudi government scholarship

are grants offered by the state, For a bachelor’s degree, In addition to master’s and doctoral degrees, These grants are permanent. that’s where the government provides it every year, The scholarship is also distinguished by:

  • Providing health care to students free of charge, In addition to providing it to his family members, This is if they are in Saudi Arabia.
  • The scholarship also fully covers accommodation costs
  • In addition to providing annual travel tickets to students
  • The scholarship also provides financial stipends to students. This is during study periods and upon graduation as well.
  • In addition to the availability of financial incentives, This is to cover research costs for students.
  • The student also enjoys all the institutional advantages. This is to equate him with Saudi students.

King Abdulaziz University Scholarships

These are scholarships for masters and doctoral degrees. in all fields of education, Grants are distinguished by the continuity of their annual granting. In addition to accepting students from different countries, Scholarships also support students, as follows:

  • Free annual tickets are issued. This is for the student only
  • A monthly equivalent of 1,000 riyals is also paid. This is in return for holding a research assistant contract
  • In addition to spending 1,800 riyals, When the student arrives in the country, This is to enable him to purchase his supplies.
  • Health care costs are also covered
  • In addition to providing housing, This is for the student only
  • 4,000 riyals are also awarded. For doctoral students, As an alternative to the cost of printing theses
  • In addition to 3000 riyals for master’s students.
  • Students also get 2,700 riyals. This is to give students a graduation allowance.

King Fahd University Scholarships

These are scholarships for masters and doctoral degrees. in the field of mining, In addition to the petroleum field, Grants are distinguished by the continuity of their granting on an annual basis. In addition to being able to grant it to foreign students, from different countries of the world, The scholarship gives students some advantages. Which:

  • covering tuition costs, This is during the period of being in the university
  • In addition to giving students monthly stipends, This is so that they can live.
  • In addition to providing housing, It is also air conditioned and at the highest level.
  • Medical care is also provided to students. This is completely free of charge
  • In addition to providing study books for free
  • Students also get unique opportunities; That’s where the university professor participates in research.
  • The university also funds student projects
  • In addition to providing them with airline tickets

Studying in Saudi Arabia is generally distinguished. This is where the state certificates are accredited in the Arab world and internationally. The study curricula keep pace with the latest developments. This is in an effort by the state to renaissance education, In order to keep pace with the ranks of developed countries.

Scholarship Program from the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

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