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The importance of investment free zones in the UAE

The importance of investment free zones in the UAE

The importance of investment free zones in the UAE. This is what many people are looking for in the current period. The free zones in the Emirates have played a vital and remarkable role in serving and advancing economic development. It is a global and regional center for trade and services. The UAE includes about 40 free zones. There is a close relationship between its remarkable and rapid growth and the economic boom that the UAE was able to achieve. Where the expansion that took place in the regions included the fields of media and information technology, making money, These areas and investment services have spread in many emirates of the country. This has directly caused an increase in the demand for real estate. This is due to the need for workers in investment companies and institutions. They of course always need transportation, In addition to the need to provide housing for them, The expansion of offices also increased significantly, which resulted in an increase in the occupancy of green spaces.

The importance of investment free zones in the UAE

Perhaps you would like to learn about the importance of investment free zones in the UAE, This is what many people would like to know. As the free zones in the UAE have proven to attract investors from everywhere, This is due to the facilities and services it provides to investors that support the success of their companies and investments. We can then say that the free zones in the UAE are incubators for prosperity for investment companies of both global and local types. Where there are many investment fields from which the investor can choose his project idea, It helps significantly in diversifying sources of national economic income. transfer of knowledge and skills as well as support for national economic competitiveness, One of the most important facilities offered by the free zones to foreign investors is allowing them to own the company by 100%. without the need for national partners, And that in 40 free zones in the Emirates, It is worth noting that the country provides modern commercial and industrial centers, This allows doing business flexibly anywhere the investor chooses within the UAE.

Advantages of investing in the UAE

There are many advantages of the economy in the UAE, It attracts investors from all over the world, thanks to the facilities and services it provides to them. Also, the success of investment projects there is largely guaranteed. There is a report issued by the UAE Ministry of Economy that talks about the advantages of investing there. Here are the most important of these features:

  • Distinguished strategic location.
  • Sovereign wealth funds.
  • The strength of the available financial reserves.
  • The strength of international relations.
  • innovation.
  • Increase government spending to support infrastructure.
  • digital transformation.
  • Diversity of investment fields and multi-specialization of free zones.
  • government policy openness.
  • High percentage of foreign investment.
  • Enlightenment and openness of the economy and increase competition among investors.
  • The existence of a fair and distinguished judicial system.
  • It provides reliable and internationally recognized arbitration centers.
  • Speed and evolution.

In short, we would like to tell you that the UAE is one of the best destinations for attracting investors in the world. This is due to the many services and facilities it provides to investors. In addition to increasing the probability of success of investment projects and companies there, There are many experiences of entrepreneurs that have proven this. The UAE is also distinguished by its distinguished infrastructure, as it is clearly a center of attention from the government. In addition, the work environment available to investors is ideal, encouraging investment, and supporting competition and success.

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