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The Garden of the House of Wisdom Sharjah is a vibrant edifice

The Garden of the House of Wisdom Sharjah is a vibrant edifice

The House of Wisdom Garden Sharjah is one of the most beautiful gardens in the UAE. As it is a vibrant edifice and includes a large number of facades and stunning views that attract a large number of tourists to it. It is one of the most important projects under the supervision of the new Sharjah Investment and Development Authority. It was opened in December 2020. As its idea aims to merge the concepts of the library and the social and cultural area. It was designed by the British Foster Company, which won a large number of international engineering and architectural awards, and is located on Sharjah International Airport Road.

About the House of Wisdom Sharjah

The idea of designing the original building that was established by the Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid in Baghdad, as it is a modern and innovative version of the restoration of civilization. Mufassal for all tourists is considered an exceptional cultural encounter in the Emirates and has a global place for culture, so it was designed from the inside to reformulate the traditional concept of the library and turn it into a social platform for knowledge and learning that promotes innovation and advanced modern technologies.

Facilities of the House of Wisdom Center Sharjah

It includes a number of recreational facilities that attract a large number of people to it, and we will introduce and learn about them through the following:

House of Wisdom Library

The House of Wisdom Garden building consists of two spacious floors and a suspended ceiling with metal bars measuring 15 square meters in length. The building has a transparent glass envelope. As it includes advanced aluminum screens to take advantage of the sunlight in the evening. It also includes a group of administrative offices, gardens, showrooms, halls, facilities for children, offices, and service stations from which the Espresso Book Station comes, which has a high and fast capacity in printing books in a record period, and visitors can print the book.

Manuscript installation

The manuscript monument is located in front of the government gate, as it was designed under the supervision of the international artist Jerry Judeh. The idea was inspired by the shape of the ancient manuscript. The height of this monument is about 36 meters. It is made of 72 tons of steel and 240 tons of concrete to create the monument, as well as a cement base four meters wide.

Al-Jazari’s informant

Al-Jazari Lab is named after the scientific and cognitive contributions made by the venerable scholar Badi’ al-Zaman al-Jazari, who is one of the most important inventors in history. It has provided advanced technologies in printing, such as laser cutting, 3D prints, and a small digital control machine. In addition to the computer, he was able to easily produce complex artifacts and many other options.

House of Wisdom Library, Sharjah

It is one of the most important libraries in the Emirates. The library contains 150,000 paper books, spacious interior spaces for reading, and a garden designed for readers and comfortable for all guests. In addition to more than 12,000 square feet of private reading spaces. It includes a large number of documents, knowledge materials, and archived books. In addition to providing natural lighting and wandering around the book garden so that the reader can live in an interactive atmosphere in the open nature, and it is equipped with halls with the latest modern technologies. Through which any book can be printed and packaged in a very short time.

Children’s facilities

It contains special facilities for children, specially designed from three to ten years old. It presents various programs in Arabic and English, presenting topics of innovation and sustainable technology so that the reader can be creative.

Ladies’ Court

It is a spacious hall for women in which special workshops and seminars are held for women. It is equipped with high-quality equipment and audio and visual aids. To serve the events that interest them

It provides them with many useful books to provide their knowledge.

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