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The cost of a trade license in Dubai Free Zone

Advantages of establishing a company in Dubai Free Zone

The cost of a trade license in Dubai Free Zone

The cost of a commercial license in Dubai Free Zone, because the United Arab Emirates is now considered one of the best countries that offer many advantages to all investors around the world.

Dubai is also among the best modern cities that attract investment in all its various fields. This is more than one reason why it is at the forefront of smart cities around the world.

So let us review with you the cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone and the most important advantages of investing in the UAE.

Advantages of investing in the Dubai Free Zone

Dubai Free Zone is one of the best areas that offer many advantages to all investors. It also has an ideal infrastructure for all types of investment. In addition to tax exemption for some companies, It also contains airports and ports, making it a very excellent area for foreign trade.

What are the most important achievements of the Investment Authority in the United Arab Emirates?

The Dubai Investment Authority was established in 1976. whose most important objective was to be the United Arab Emirates, has many investment opportunities, It will not be limited to investing in oil and petroleum only, but there will be another sustainable and diversified economy.

investment in Dubai

Investing in Dubai is It’s like getting the chance of a lifetime. In order to invest in the UAE in general and in Dubai in particular, You must know the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai, whether for foreigners or Saudis and others…, It is also important to study the market in which you want to invest and find out what is lacking and what is in high demand by the public, and you fill those needs.

In addition to determining the legal form of the company, Whether you are a private or public joint stock company, partnership, limited liability company, sole proprietorship owned by one legal person, etc., And then you get the initial approval for the investment project and the rest of the legal approvals from the competent authorities.

Reserving the trade name and then obtaining the commercial register.

It is very important that you own the project site or at least rent a site through which you will carry out your investment activity.

Advantages of investing in Dubai Free Zone

There are many advantages offered by the Dubai Free Zone, the most prominent of which is 100% foreign ownership of their investment project without the need for a local partner. In addition to the ideal infrastructure, which is a fertile ground for investment, There are also Serbian exemptions for some commercial activities. And the ease of foreign trade exchange because it contains ports and airports.

The cost of a trade license in Dubai Free Zone

The cost of establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone is significantly different from establishing companies in other regions of the UAE. Therefore, initially, there are some fees that must be paid to enter the free zone and start investing in it, and its value is 7.5% of the value of the contract.

rent to the company, In addition to the fees for licensing the establishment of the company in the free zone, and it is …..

But if the specialization fees are for an institution and not a company, then it is……

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