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The comprehensive guide to real estate investment in the United Arab Emirates for foreigners

The comprehensive guide to real estate investment in the United Arab Emirates for foreigners

The comprehensive guide to real estate investment in the United Arab Emirates for foreigners

The United Arab Emirates has many options of exceptional and irreplaceable opportunities. Especially for those who want to invest in the real estate sector in the United Arab Emirates, Because these investments bring in huge amounts of money and profits and contribute to the development of our lives.

In this article, we provide everything you may need to know before you start investing in Dubai .

The most important aspects to know when starting a real estate investment in Dubai

Real estate investment is one of the rewarding investments in the United Arab Emirates to secure a stable source of income and build great wealth. Like other types of investment, Real estate investment involves many risks. Therefore, there are some factors that should be considered before entering the Dubai real estate market, which can affect investment returns:

  • الموقع
  • المرافق ووسائل الراحة المتاحة في المجمع المختار، بما في ذلك توفر وسائل النقل والقرب من مؤسسات التعليم ومراكز رعاية الأطفال وما إلى ذلك.
  • المساحة
  • الجودة
  • حالة السوق وتوقيت الشراء
  • معدلات الفائدة
  • تكاليف الصيانة (مؤشر رسوم الخدمات والصيانة التابع لمؤسسة التنظيم العقاري
  • Types of real estate investment in Dubai: Off plan real estate or secondary real estate?

    First, you must take into consideration the type of real estate you want to buy and invest. Commercial real estate differs from residential real estate in terms of laws and regulations. If you want to invest in a commercial property, You have to choose the property very carefully, For example, if you want to buy a commercial property in a quiet residential area. You should also know the difference between off-plan properties and secondary or ready-made properties

    what’s the difference between them?

    Off-plan real estate

    Buying off-plan properties means investing in projects that are still under construction to benefit from them later when the project is completed.

    These types of real estate offer many advantages, Of which:

    • أسعار منخفضة مقارنة مع العقارات الجاهزة
  • احتمال زيادة قيمة العقار مع تطور المشروع
  •  انخفاض الدفعات المقدمة للتمويل العقاري مقارنة مع العقارات الجاهزة
  • خطط سداد مرنة وطويلة الأمد  ولكن عند التفكير في شراء عقار لا يزال قيد الإنشاء، يجب الانتباه إلى بعض المخاطر ومنها حصول بعض التقلبات في حالة السوق أو حتى مواجهة بعض العراقيل التي قد تؤدي إلى تأخير في موعد التسليم أو حتى إلغاء المشروع بشكل نهائي. لذا عند شراء عقار قيد الإنشاء يجب يجب إجراء بحث معمق حول السوق والجهة المطورة للمشروع.
  • Secondary or ready real estate

    Buying secondary real estate Buying a ready-made property that can be used immediately. This has some positives and some negatives. Among them:

    • يستطيع المشتري تتبع حالة السوق لاختيار أنسب وقت للاستثمار من حيث سعر الشراء للحصول على أفضل سعر ممكن.
  • تتمتع العقارات الجاهزة عادة ببنى تحتية مكتملة
  • الاستفادة الفورية من العقار إما عبر استخدامه أو عبر إيجاره
  • تُفرض دفعات مقدمة مرتفعة على تمويل العقارات مكتملة الإنشاء
  • Advantages of real estate investment in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

    The United Arab Emirates offers many investment advantages in the real estate sector. It enjoys one of the strongest economies at the regional and global levels. As well as being the most popular tourist destination. Among the advantages of real estate investment in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are:

    – the facilities it provides, As the state does not impose fees on income tax, Which encourages many people to invest in it, even for those looking for options that are compatible with a little capital for real estate investment in the Emirates.

    The real estate market in the United Arab Emirates is considered one of the most prominent global markets. The emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Fujairah and others have achieved outstanding and exceptional successes. This is due to lower prices of goods and services. In addition to providing a solid infrastructure, This greatly increases the demand for commercial and residential real estate.

    The UAE is the best place for real estate investment in the world. Real estate in the Emirates is characterized by its compliance with international standards in the UAE, not only in Dubai.

    – The service and entertainment development in the United Arab Emirates pushes people from all over the world to reside in it, which increases the demand for the real estate market in the country, whether for rent or for sale.

    – Architectural attractions that have broken Guinness World Records, Like the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world, In addition to many distinctive artificial islands that provide the best residential real estate, such as Palm Jumeirah, which is characterized by sandy beaches, waterfalls and beautiful oases.

    – Dubai real estate has high average rental returns that bring investors huge sums of money, This is because it includes a thriving economy that attracts a lot of international investments.

    An investment environment exempt from income taxes, This increases the well-managed supply and demand ratio to ensure strong economic growth and high returns.

    The UAE is considered one of the most important global business centers. Where the state cares about the infrastructure to comply with international standards and to keep pace with the rapid population growth.

    – Expo 2020, which will be held in the Emirate of Dubai, which will attract many investors from all over the world.

    Legal aspects related to real estate investment in Dubai


    After making the decision to start real estate investment in Dubai , the investor must register the property and complete the necessary transactions. Itqan team can complete all the required transactions on your behalf, contact us now .

    Registration of apartments at the Dubai Land Department

    An investor who intends to buy a property in Dubai must visit the Dubai Land Department in order to register the sale contract. This process is easy and can be done with simple steps at service centers or through the department’s website.

    The sale registration request service from the Dubai Land Department provides the ability to register the sale process. Whether it is a whole or partial sale between the seller and the buyer or one of their legal representatives. This service relates to the purchase of land, real estate, a completed unit, or a unit that is still under construction.

    Real estate investment law in the UAE for foreigners

    A large proportion of the population in the United Arab Emirates consists of expatriates. The country is also witnessing an increasing number of people coming to the UAE to work in various sectors. Which enhances the status of the real estate sector and is considered one of the most important reasons to invest in it.

    Conditions for real estate investment in the UAE for foreigners

    Ownership of real estate by expatriates in the UAE is subject to some conditions. We mention among them:

    • يُسمح للأجانب تملك العقارات في مناطق التملك الحر للأجانب في دبي
  • يكتسب المستثمر حق تملك العقار وفق ملكية مطلقة غير مقيدة بزمن
  • يحق للمالك الانتفاع من العقار عبر تأجيره وفق الشروط التي تحددها السلطات المعنية
  • لا يُفرض أي شرط على عمر المستثمر عند شراء عقار
  • If you want to enter the field of real estate investment in the United Arab Emirates, you can contact us to help you enter the real estate market in the right way


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