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Steps to invest in the UAE

Steps to invest in the UAE

Steps to invest in the UAE

Investing in the UAE is built on several axes to determine the type of company the investor has, with the need to study the laws that work to regulate that investment.

In addition to knowing the procedures to be taken by developing a comprehensive vision of the quality of this investment, And adopt the easiest ways that make many projects successful in the UAE. The state has made all the facilities that help the investor in the success of a large number of projects that work on the growth of the UAE economy and place it in the first ranks in the Arab world and globally.


Steps to invest in the UAE


Benefits of investing in the UAE

There are many benefits of investment that are in the interest of both the investor and the state, while working to raise the standard of living of the individual. This is in terms of successful investment working to help the country thrive in the field of business, Which makes it reap huge profits that are pumped into the state treasury and thus serve the interest of the individual by raising the efficiency of the services and care provided to him by the state.

The Emirates Investment Authority is also working to create new job opportunities for the youth of the UAE by opening new markets in various fields of investment. In addition to strengthening foreign relations, which helps open areas of successful investment for businessmen, whether local or foreign.

Also, the rapid development that is taking place in the United Arab Emirates helps the country to flourish economically and works to increase trade indicators that make it classify alongside international countries to increase its economic standing.


Areas of investment in the UAE:

There are four important sectors in the UAE that operate under the umbrella of the Investment Authority. These sectors represent about 75% of the UAE’s non-oil GDP. They are:

Constructions – Renovations – Trade – Manufacturing.

It is the most popular and famous investment field in the UAE. These are real estate investment projects in Dubai, where the Dubai Investment Authority has undertaken many important and effective measures that work on economic growth, whether through the assistance of the foreign or Emirati investor.

The Emirates Investment Authority is also trying all the time to provide support to all investors by answering all the questions that revolve in the mind of the investor in order to clarify his vision regarding all aspects of the project.

Among the most common questions asked by many investors:

  • Are there specialized industrial or economic zones in the UAE?

  • What are the investment laws?

  • How do I know the costs of establishing your investment project in the UAE?

  • What are the leading sectors that can be invested in?

  • What are the procedures for establishing my investment project in the UAE?

  • How do I know the applicable legislative system?

  • What are the investment costs in Dubai?

  • What is the role of the Emirates Investment Authority in the success of projects?


As one of the most important steps to work on the success of any project is to know the initial costs of its establishment, The Emirates Investment Authority assists you in this important role that contributes to finding the right investment for you by supporting the UAE government in many areas of investment through the support of many Emirati institutions.

Where the Dubai Investment Authority works to assist the investor in establishing a successful investment in order to benefit him and the UAE. In addition to offering many grants to people who have strong business plans that compete with giant projects.


Procedures for establishing investment in the UAE:

When establishing any new activity in the UAE, There are several procedures that must be followed according to the special rules that you issue. So that the stages of establishing any new activity are divided into three stages:

Initial approval: A copy of a valid passport, Choosing a trade name Determine the type of business, Fill out the form”.

Establishment of the company: First, security approval must be obtained from various investment institutions in order to establish a new company in the UAE. and then, You must provide a set of documents, namely:

  • Signing the service contract.
  • Signing the Memorandum of Association
  • Approval of the articles of incorporation
  • Fill in the acknowledgment form
  • Authorization letter
  • A commercial agency certified by the UAE embassy
  • passport copy
  • authorization card
  • Company information form
  • Signature Model, Sign the form 4.


Issuance of residence and investment permits in Dubai:

The investor must have the following documents to facilitate the process of obtaining residency in Dubai: Which:

  • A copy of the commercial register
  • Passport copy.
  • Signing a residence visa application.
  • 4 photographs.
  • Sign the letter of undertaking.
  • Sign the acknowledgment letter.

In addition, the investor must be familiar with the set of legislations, laws, and types of authorized companies issued by the Investment Authority in Dubai. This useful information is also available to the investor on several websites of the UAE government.


The best places for successful investment in the UAE:

First of all, speaking of investment, Let us emphasize that the location based on investment is one of the most important factors in the priorities of the process of choosing the field of investment in Dubai real estate through the proximity to the vital facilities in the region. Real estate investment can be near one of the important landmarks in the UAE, Where there is, for example, Dubai Marina, through which it is easy to obtain residency papers in Dubai, Or the Business Bay, which is considered one of the best and most prominent places for new investors, The investor must first complete the residency and investment procedures to avoid the occurrence of any crises that impede the pursuit of success. This is done with ease through the assistance of the Dubai Investment Authority , where the Authority works to provide the investor with many important points and information such as the costs of investing in Dubai and knowing all the details and papers of residency in Dubai, and works to eliminate the difficulties facing the investor

The investor can choose from these vital places, such as investing in Barsha Heights. It includes a large group of the largest international companies such as Microsoft , HP and other world-renowned companies. The area also features a large number of the finest hotel apartments in Dubai. Which makes it an important commercial center in the UAE.

While Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the fastest growing areas in Dubai, As the village is a few kilometers away from Al Maktoum International Airport , which works to increase the high demand for a large group of hotels and hotel apartments in Jumeirah Village Circle for several years to come.


Investing in Jebel Ali:

Jebel Ali Free Zone occupies an area of approximately 100 square kilometers. Investing in Jebel Ali works by creating more unique job opportunities for businesses that serve as a vibrant hub of commerce for a market of one and a half billion people.

Jebel Ali has one of the best ports in the Middle East with highly efficient infrastructure. One of the most important things that helps to invest in Jebel Ali is the Dubai Airport Free Zone, which was established with the aim of encouraging investment and facilitating. These factors made the region a suitable climate for the advancement of investment.

The investment activities in Jebel Ali are divided into three groups, including commercial, industrial and service. In addition to the large export movements for several products, including: Base metals, textiles, prepared foods and beverages. And many other products destined for several major countries, led by Taiwan, Japan and Germany.

In addition to the importance of investing in the free zone , and all the companies established in it are treated as foreign companies, while saving a lot of investment costs in Dubai compared to the advantages provided through investment in the free zone, in addition to the ease of completing residency and investment procedures in Dubai.

So, Many businessmen seek to establish a company to obtain the best benefits resulting from investment in the free zone.


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