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Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Learn about the steps to establish a company in Dubai, where establishing a company in Dubai is one of the big dreams that investors and businessmen have. It is a big step and a quantum leap in their personal lives and at the level of their practical lives. But the matter may be somewhat difficult because Dubai has become one of the most important investment destinations in the world and is visited by investors from all sides. Therefore, firm and clear steps must be taken to establish a company in Dubai.

On the part of the UAE government and the government of the Emirate of Dubai, many steps have facilitated the establishment of companies for businessmen and investors. As it became possible for investors to establish a company via the Internet in a very short time, which may not exceed 15 minutes. As for the regular methods, it may take some time. Below, we will learn about the procedures and steps necessary to establish a company in Dubai.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai


خطوات تأسيس شركة فى دبي

There is no doubt that the Internet has become one of the important and vital pillars in the field of investment, whether at the local or global level. And it became one of the basic steps in the process of developing cities and states, so it became possible, with a press of a button on the keyboard, Extracting and issuing papers that needed days to be extracted.


In order to facilitate the UAE government for investors, The federal government has provided the “Basher” service for establishing companies and businesses. It is an integrated electronic service. It allows businessmen and investors to create and establish an integrated company electronically. Through an integrated electronic platform connected with government, local and federal agencies, concerned with issuing licenses and authorizations for commercial activities, Making it easier for investors.

In Dubai, the Emirate of Dubai, “Dubai Economy”, in cooperation with government and commercial agencies, launched the “Dubai Virtual Commercial Zone Program (VCC)”, One of the most important advantages of this program is that it will enable entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed persons to obtain a virtual commercial license without the need to reside in Dubai.


الطرق العادية فى تأسيس شركة فى دبى 

Despite the huge expansion of technology in the use of the Internet and the implementation of licensing tasks, there are those who prefer the regular methods, and these methods are represented in more than one step


خطوات إنشاء شركة بالطريقة العادية فى دبى

Determine the nature of the activity:

One of the very important things on the basis of which the type of license is determined, whether commercial, industrial or professional, and licenses are six types, including commercial, industrial, professional, craft, tourism and agricultural, One license may include more than one activity.


Determine the legal form:

It depends mainly on the business requirements, as it determines the regulations and laws required for the company, and to obtain the special requirements, it is necessary to refer to the website of the city in which the project is located, To obtain the requirements for establishing a company in Dubai, it is necessary to refer to the Dubai website, represented by the “Dubai Economy”.

Reservation and registration of the trade name:

The importance of this step is that each license is distinguished from others according to the trade name so that the investor or the owner of the project does not fall into the problem of similarity with another project. Reserving the name of the project should be done under certain conditions, which are:

1- The name should not contain inappropriate words that contradict public taste

2- It should not contain the word of God or contain the names of government agencies or the names of emblems

3- The name must not have been previously taken for another project

4- The trade name must follow the legal form of the company


Initial approval of the project

After reserving the commercial name, the initial approval of the project remains, which means the approval of the government of the state or the city to establish this project, and it is one of the promising steps to complete the steps of the project.

With regard to foreign investors, the approval of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs must be obtained before obtaining the initial approval.

Memorandum of Association and local service agent agreement

The company’s incorporation contract is signed based on the company’s legal form. It may also require the conclusion of a local service agent agreement. The contract is established if the company’s legal form is as follows:

  • One person company
  • Single liability company
  • Simple recommendation company
  • Public joint stock company
  • Solidarity Company

Contracts and agreements are signed in the competent courts in the Emirates or the Emirate of Dubai

Site selection

Choosing a site and defining the area is one of the important things for establishing a successful project. The project should have a physical address, There must also be a contract for leasing offices and warehouses for the project. In Dubai, the lease contract must be notarized and registered at the “Ejari” office.


Receive the license

After completing the previous steps and completing them to the fullest, the investor or project owner can obtain his license through the service centers in its affiliated cities.

In Dubai, the center concerned with this is the “Department of Economic Development”.

In order to obtain the license from the center, the investor must have all the papers related to the project, which are:

  • Initial approval papers from the competent authorities
  • A copy of the lease
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Local service agent appointment contract

After completing all these steps, the investor will have completed everything related to the necessary steps to establish his company, and he is authorized to practice work and start his activity.


Establishing a company in Dubai

Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

Establishing a company in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates can only be done through a registered agent, starting with determining the type of activity you want to engage in and doing the necessary economic and feasibility studies that help you support your choice of the appropriate project and the appropriate trade name for it, in addition to helping you obtain security permits. In order to assist you in preparing all the papers required to complete the establishment of your investment project, in addition to assisting you in facilitating residency procedures for you and your family in the UAE.

Investing in Dubai: –

As for residency and investment in Dubai , we have to know first how to reside in Dubai, and whether residency affects the presence of diversified investment in Dubai, how to choose the appropriate types or type of investment, and whether residency and investment in Dubai have a close relationship with each other. All these questions we will answer in this the topic.

Yes, we all know the support of the UAE government, and in particular the government of Dubai, for entrepreneurs and investors and facilitating all services and project needs to start a new business or activity in Dubai.

Residence and investment in Dubai have a close relationship with each other. The large number of events stimulating the movement of trade and industry in Dubai and the provision of services and entrepreneurship. All this made it a country that attracts many people for you to reside in and invest their money in because this country is characterized by prosperity in living, providing all services and providing means and means of security. And safety and attention to both health and education as well as transportation and all other services with the permanent and continuous development of each of the services and public bodies, which makes it one of the best countries for investment, housing and life in it.

And we mean that residency and investment in Dubai means real estate residency, meaning that the UAE allows foreigners to reside on its lands and buy real estate in it and invest in it through that real estate. In other words, a foreigner who wants to obtain real estate residence in any country is usually defined by rules governing the ownership process. Like how much real estate should he own, In addition to what is the allowed period, All of these rules differ from state to state.

  • Real estate investment in Dubai may be subject to many rules and conditions that are determined and regulated by it, as follows:
  • The value of the property to be invested should not be less than one million dirhams.
  • The property must be complete and fully constructed.
  • The investor who owns the property must have a monthly income of at least 10,000 dirhams.
  • The application is by submitting a visa application after the property price has been paid in full to the property owner, Especially in the case of buying a property through a loan or a mortgage.
  • That the applicant who wants to invest and reside in Dubai enjoy good health, Not infected with any of the dangerous diseases and contagious to others, And to pass the medical examination assigned to him to detect this, Bearing in mind that the medical examination will be repeated when the residency is renewed again.
  • The person who wants to reside and invest in Dubai submits the application to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, attached with a copy and a copy of his passport. He submits a property ownership contract, but on the condition that it is in the name of the applicant alone. pay the visa fee, After approval of this application, the applicant will be granted residency for a period of two years, renewable if desired, or if there is no impediment to residency and investment in Dubai.

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