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Start your investment now in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Start your investment now in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Start your investment now in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Start your investment now in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Investment activity is considered one of the most important pillars of the contemporary economy. Markets in all countries open their doors to receive the influx of foreign capital. Which achieves mutual benefit that benefits both the foreign investor and the incubating country alike.

Saudi Arabia is considered a fertile environment for investment due to its natural resources, in addition to the modernization movement that it has witnessed in recent years as a result of Vision 2030, which was adopted by the Kingdom’s leadership, through which it launched many mega projects in facilities, infrastructure and other vital sectors.

Learn with Etqan about the advantages of investing in Saudi Arabia these days. What is the best area for investment in Saudi Arabia ? And how to invest in Saudi Arabia?

Advantages of investing in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi economy has many strengths that play a major role in attracting Arab and foreign investors. The most important of these points:

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides a very fertile environment for investment. Due to the low levels of inflation in Saudi Arabia.

  • ease of procedures for investors, This is a result of the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to facilitate operations and procedures and make things easier for investors.

  • The absence of a local partner when the foreign investor begins to open a project. This is what distinguishes Saudi Arabia from other countries. Where some countries impose on the foreign investor the necessity of having a local partner in the project, This complicates matters for many foreign investors.

  • No minimum capital is required when starting an LLC.

  • The high purchasing power in Saudi society compared to other countries. Which creates a suitable environment for many projects.

  • Increasing population density in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The last seven years witnessed an increase in the population by 4%. Which makes it a suitable environment for the promotion of many goods and products of projects emerging from foreign investments.

  • All the aforementioned reasons create a suitable atmosphere and fertile environment to start investing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Start your investment now with Etqan

The best investment areas in Saudi Arabia

There are certain sectors that attract investors in Saudi Arabia. It can be divided into three sectors:

Real estate

Due to the wide urban movement that it is witnessing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially in its major cities. Real estate investment is also characterized by a wide profit margin if it is started with deliberate steps. However, it is risky.

stock market

Investing in the stock market is one of the most important areas of investment in Saudi Arabia. It is also the best way for those who want to invest a small amount. For example, there is a prerequisite for investing in the stock market in Saudi Arabia, which is having sufficient capital to carry out sufficient trading. For example, if you want to get a net profit of 1000 dollars per month, the trading amount must not be less than 2000 dollars. This is why people resort when they want to invest in this field
To seek the help of an expert to guide them to the right investment paths. The Etqan team is always there to provide assistance and advice and guide them to invest properly.

bank deposits

It is the safest investment method, but it is the least profitable. Its idea is simply to deposit an amount in a bank for a certain period, for the bank to invest the amount and add the agreed interest. Finally, the profits are shared at the end of the period agreed upon with the depositor.

The most important papers required to start foreign investment in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is making a continuous effort to ease the burden on foreign investors. This is done by reducing the routine procedures of papers and approvals that waste a lot of time and effort. However, there are some papers and documents that must be completed. The most important of them:

License to establish the company or establishment, Which is obtained by submitting an application to the General Investment Authority , along with attaching a true copy of the basic contract, and documenting it at the Saudi embassy.

Submitting an application to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, To obtain the company’s trade name, Submit a copy of the reserved name within the required papers.

Submitting a report on the nature of the company’s activity and work, and the allocated capital. In addition to identifying the general manager of the company and describing his powers, and the roles it performs.

All financial statements are certified by a licensed chartered accountant. It shows the company’s financial position over the next three years.

The approval of all parties inside and outside Saudi Arabia. And that these approvals be documented in the Saudi embassy of the country of the investor.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become a destination for many Arab and foreign investors . Contact Itqan and start your investment journey in Saudi Arabia now


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