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Specializations of the Emirates Aviation College

Specializations of the Emirates Aviation College

The Emirates Aviation College succeeded in exclusivity. That’s where it became one of the best academies, majoring in aeronautics, In addition to aircraft maintenance, It is also a distinguished edifice for the pilot industry. Therefore, it has become one of the best academies in the UAE. It also became one of the best in the world

Information about the Emirates Aviation College

The college is located in the Dubai International Center. It is also symbolized by the symbol EFTA. This is an abbreviation for Emirates flight training academy. The college is characterized by the development of curricula, In addition to providing training mechanisms, It also has several advantages, including:

  • there are 27 planes, that includes 22 aircraft, They are Cirrus SR models. In addition to five Embraer Phenom aircraft
  • The college is also distinguished by its student capacity. That’s where you can train 600 students, With the presence of educational cadres at the highest level
  • The college is also characterized by the presence of 36 teaching headquarters, And that on an area of 184 thousand square meters
  • In addition to the availability of a huge practical training arena, That’s where it’s 270 thousand square meters
  • In addition to the college containing an airstrip, And that on an area of 1800 meters
  • The college also provides maintenance workshops. This is to provide the latest training methods for students.

Admission requirements for the Emirates Aviation College

The Emirates Aviation College has set several conditions, In order to organize the student selection process, These conditions are:

  • The applicant must be at least 17 years old
  • The applicant must also be fit. This is both with regard to the health and physical level.
  • In addition to having a high school diploma, It is also required that the certificate be documented and approved
  • The applicant must also be eligible to hold a student visa. This is for residents and expatriates in relation to the state.
  • The college also requires excellence in the English language. By obtaining a score of 510 in the TOEFL, It is equivalent to 5.5 in IELTS

What are the stages of study within the college?

The stages of study at the Emirates Aviation College are distinguished from others. In order to specialize each stage in a specific part, This is to ensure that students understand all courses of study. whether on a practical or theoretical level, These stages are as follows:

  • The study begins with the ground training programme. that program that includes theoretical matters, It also includes practical exercises. collectively and individually, The purpose of that program is important, Through which students obtain an ATPL license. intended for aviation operations
  • And then the students get intensive training, In order to master the English language, That is where it is a basic language for communication in the airspace
  • Then the students undergo practical exercises. For training on Cirrus SR aircraft, In addition to the precious Phenom aircraft.
  • The training program continues to be repeated throughout the study period. This is so that students get an airline license, The study period also extends to students who are late in understanding the exercises. This is to make sure that they can handle that huge responsibility

Emirates Airline College Chancellor Scholarships

These are scholarships that are offered in the first semester. For ten of the applicants, The scholarship covers tuition costs. This is subject to several conditions, as follows:

  • Applicants get 95%, And that in the high school certificate
  • They must also obtain an advanced rate in the IELTS certificate, That is by 6
  • You must also obtain IELTS 7. And that is not less than 3.8, This is for postgraduate applicants.
  • Students are also denied the scholarship. This is if the accumulative average is less than 3.8 per year

Scholarships of the Vice President of the Emirates Aviation College

It is a special and huge grants, It is presented annually to about 100 students. The scholarship covers 50 of the tuition fees. This is subject to several conditions, as follows:

  • Must get 90% or more. A high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • You must also excel in the English language, This is the IELTS 6 test
  • The cumulative GPA must not be less than 3.6. And that throughout the period of being in college.

Admission requirements for Etihad Aviation College 2023

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