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Special benefits for investors in Dubai

Special benefits for investors in Dubai

Dubai is a safe destination for investment after Corona, as Dubai has many elements that make it the safest and most attractive environment for the influx of foreign investment, and Corona did not prevent this from happening. Where the country obtained half of the capital flows in investment despite the challenges of the Corona virus that swept the global economy, Despite the challenges, Dubai is still working to facilitate and overcome obstacles for the foreign investor.

Golden residency for investors

By implementing the long-term visa regime, Where the duration of the visa ranges from five to ten years, This allows workers and investors in the UAE full residence for themselves and their families. With the provision of learning and a full life.

Ease of contracting with professional labor

Dubai provides skilled labor to investors in all sectors. It is characterized by the ease of attracting the most skilled workers and competencies in all vital sectors. Where it provides them with means of a decent life and to live in lasting peace, With the provision of integrated accommodation for workers.

Low customs on goods

The most that can prevent an investor from investing in a place is the high tariff on goods. But Dubai is working to overcome these obstacles. As it provides a very low customs tariff on goods that may range from 0 to 5%, This makes it a leading place in the region. The UAE ranks thirteenth in the world and the first in the Arab world in the field of re-exports.

Full conversion of profits

The Emirates in general and Dubai in particular do not impose taxes on individuals and investors, even companies. But it does tax foreign oil companies and banks. This is because it follows the free economy model, Which brings all investors to it.

A citizen agent is not required

Some countries require the foreign investor to have a national agent to establish his investment in the country. However, the foreign investment law in the UAE does not require the investor, Or the company having a national agent in order to carry out its activities and work, This is a very big advantage that attracts many investors.

Citizen membership is not required in corporate boards

One of the best things provided by the investment law in Dubai is the complete freedom of the investor. This is unlike what happens in many countries. As the law in Dubai does not require the investor to have citizens who are members of the company’s board of directors, This gives the investor the right to have complete control over the company.

Investing in all economic activities

UAE law does not prevent the investor from investing in any sector. Where the investor can invest in the trade, industry, agriculture, health and education sectors, and all other sectors, Where the foreign investor has about 2000 investment activities, With the exception of a very limited number of strategic activities.

Availability of free zones

The UAE provides about 40 free zones for investors. This means that they can own it 100 percent. Where it provides them with the opportunity to choose the appropriate free zone to establish the company, Free lands are spread throughout the country.

The UAE, represented economically in Dubai, is attracting many investors around the world. by providing them with all necessary facilities, Where the foreign investment law works for the benefit of the investor and to benefit the state, Dubai did not occupy the first global positions in the field of investment for nothing. All its sectors are characterized by prosperity, It is the first destination for investors.


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