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Set up your company in Jebel Ali

Set up your company in Jebel Ali

Set up your company in Jebel Ali

With its world-class infrastructure and exceptional system, the Jebel Ali Free Zone has become One of the most prominent free zones in Dubai. The Jebel Ali Free Zone Convention Center is also the ideal platform to manage the ongoing business of Jafza and enhance commercial relations in a high-level work environment with high efficiency. In addition to these facilities, Jafza includes business towers, luxury commercial hotels and a conference center to serve the business world.


Set up your company in Jebel Ali


Commercial activities allowed in Jebel Ali (Jafza)

There is a wide range of businesses that you can launch in the Jebel Ali Free Zone within the following areas:

• Trading

• Industry

• Services

• Logistics services

•public commerce

A company that has a service activity can only be registered as a branch of an entity established in the mainland of the United Arab Emirates.


Types of licenses available to register Jafza

Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone issues different types of licenses to establish companies and businesses


General trading license

This license allows its holder to import, distribute and store all items in accordance with Jafza’s rules and regulations.


Business license

This license allows the holder to import, export, distribute and store the items listed in the permit.


Service business license

This license enables its holder to perform the services referred to in the license within the free zone. The type of service must comply with the license of the parent company issued by the Economic Department or the municipality of the concerned emirate in the United Arab Emirates.


Industrial license

This license is for manufacturing companies that have at least 51 percent ownership or shareholding with nationals/nationals of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The added value of the item in the free zone must be at least 40%. This corporate license holder has the same status as a local or GCC person within the UAE.


Company registration in the Jebel Ali Free Zone

The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority is the regulatory entity that authorizes the registration of companies in the free zone. You can establish your company in simple steps with Etqan

1. Choose a company name

2. Determine the commercial activity to obtain the license

3. Obtaining the initial approval

4. Submission of documents and payment of fees

5. Find an office space


Documents required to establish a company in Jebel Ali

The process of preparing the documents for establishing a company in Jafza is relatively easy and depends on the investor or business owner choosing the form of the company. Here are all the documents that all companies must submit:

• Jebel Ali Free Zone Business Incorporation Form (JAFZA)

• Request environmental health and safety

• Copies of the passports of shareholders, directors and the secretary.

• Description of the company’s activities

• Policy of the company.


Establish your company with company formation consultants and experts in ITQAN

When establishing a company in a new location, You must be well-informed and fully aware of all the options available and the best ones. And in our time, dominated by entrepreneurship and startups, Having a hassle free company incorporation system is very important. Jebel Ali is one of the best options for those who want to invest in Dubai. If the Jebel Ali Free Zone meets all requirements for establishing a business, Thanks to its fast system and global infrastructure. To know more, contact us now. We’d love to help you.


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