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Regulations for accepting scholarship students for non-Saudis

Regulations for accepting scholarship students for non-Saudis

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides thousands of scholarships for non-Saudis. This means providing many fields of study in Saudi universities for free. It is necessary for everyone to know that this is done annually.

Scholarships for non-Saudis

We do not fail to note that there are many grants, and we will mention the most important of these grants and some of their advantages in the following:

  • Scholarship of the Islamic University, which is in Medina.
  • Alfaisal University Scholarships in Saudi Arabia.
  • Northern Border University Scholarship in Saudi Arabia.
  • Princess Noura University Scholarship for non-Saudi women residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Taibah University Scholarship in Saudi Arabia for non-Saudis to study a bachelor’s degree.
  • King Abdullah University Scholarship in Saudi Arabia.
  • Prince Sultan University scholarship to study a master’s degree in Saudi Arabia.
  • King Saud University Scholarship for non-Saudis and it is fully funded.
  • Najran University Scholarship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it is fully funded.

Features of the Islamic University Scholarship in Madinah

What are the controls for accepting scholarship students for non-Saudis?

What are the controls for accepting scholarship students for non-Saudis?

It should be noted that there are some advantages that Saudi and non-Saudi students receive from this scholarship, which we will address as follows:

  • When the student is accepted and at the end of each academic year according to specific rules, the student’s travel tickets are secured. The student is given a monthly stipend.
  • An excellence reward is also given to outstanding students. When there are girls without families, housing is provided and secured for them.
  • Meals are available from the university’s restaurants, but with a nominal fee.
  • The University Hospital works to secure health care for the student. Transportation to and from the university is secured when going to perform prayers in the Prophet’s Mosque, as well as Umrah business trips.
  • The student can benefit from the sports facilities at the university.

Scholarships for non-Saudis at Alfaisal University

From this standpoint, we will provide some details of this grant in the following points:

  • Al- Faisal University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does a charitable work, which is to help diligent, outstanding Saudi and non-Saudi students. The reason for the assistance is that students have financial difficulties that prevent them from paying tuition costs.
  • The amount of funding is up to 20% in the form of an exemption from tuition fees.

Advantages of scholarships for non-Saudis at Northern Border University

There are also several advantages that the outstanding non-Saudi student obtains, which help him to learn in a distinguished way. We will explain them in the following:

  • The student’s tuition fees and travel costs are paid.
  • The student resides in Saudi Arabia at the expense of the scholarship.
  • The student can get help quickly while submitting the student visa application.
  • Of course, there are daily expenses that the student needs, and therefore a monthly salary is provided for him.

Advantages of scholarships for non-Saudis at King Abdulaziz University

It must be emphasized that there are many advantages for Saudi and non-Saudi students when they apply for this scholarship. We will mention them in the following:

  • Therefore, students can participate in sports activities and also go on university cultural and social excursions.
  • Lunches are provided at very low costs or for free. The scholarship also provides housing, social, training and cultural care for students.
  • The student can travel and return a second time, as well as at the end of each academic year, with a funded travel ticket.
  • The student receives a monthly stipend for living expenses. In addition, a two-month stipend for equipment is paid before the student goes to Saudi Arabia.
  • When a student achieves very high grades in high school, he is given an excellence reward.
  • Also, after graduating from the university, a three-month stipend is paid.
  • The student benefits from the university’s sports facilities. This scholarship also provides full medical insurance for students.

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