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Rawdat Al-Bashaer School in Jeddah

Rawdat Al-Bashaer School in Jeddah

Rawdat Al-Bashaer School in Jeddah is one of the most famous schools that teach students the international curriculum. Rawdat Al Bashaer School is located in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1987 with the main objective of providing quality education to the people of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest schools in Saudi Arabia. The school’s philosophy is to impart values, morals and a sound educational system to the younger generation.

Rawdat Al Bashaer School in Jeddah:

There are many schools in Jeddah. One of these schools is Rawdat Al Bashaer School. This school hosts more than 9,800 students and provides quality education to both boys and girls from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The school also includes nine academic and administrative buildings spread over 26 hectares of land. The buildings are well maintained and equipped with modern facilities to provide an ideal learning environment for the students. The buildings are also soundproofed to keep noise levels low during classes.

Advantages of Rawdat Al Bashaer School in Jeddah:

  • Classrooms are spacious enough to host approximately 70 students per class with enough space for teaching tables, blackboards and other teaching aids.
  • The school also has a canteen, medical unit, library and auditorium for external residence courses.
  • Every house in Jeddah provides good housing conditions for its citizens.
  • The school provides many recreational activities that students desire
  • It also cares about hygiene and safety
  • In terms of its educational level, it offers high-level education.

Documents required for registration at Rawdat Al-Bashaer School in Jeddah:

You can enroll in Rawdat Al Bashaer School , As the school has identified several papers for submission. Most notably:

  • Original and photocopies of a recent birth certificate
  • A copy of the family book
  • Original and photocopy of residence visa.
  • Recent personal photos of the student with a white background
  • A copy of the status card
  • Also a copy of the vaccination card.
  • With the original certificate of academic qualification for the previous year.
  • A copy of the first semester certificate for the current year when the student applied after the end of the first semester.

About Rawdat Al Bashaer School in Jeddah:

Rawdat Al Bashayer School run by the Trusteeship Council, It is also an independent body that oversees all aspects of the management of its educational programme. All teachers are required to obtain teaching certificates from the Ministry of Education before beginning their duties at the school. Each student must also submit an application form to be accepted into the school’s program and must fulfill all academic requirements to do so. All these precautions ensure that only qualified students will attend this school and get education from qualified instructors.

The best private schools in Saudi Arabia:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes many schools and centers that provide distinguished education for students who wish to study in one of the private schools. Most notably:

  • Schools of thought civil schools
  • National Talent Schools
  • Adwaa Al-Hidaya Private Schools
  • Riyadh Al-Saleheen Private Schools
  • Najd private schools
  • Modern education schools for girls
  • Al-Raed Private Schools
  • Palm schools
  • Dar Al-Baraa Private Schools
  • Saudi Academy of Languages
  • The Arab Institute for Teaching English
  • Direct English Institute

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