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Rabdan Academy Fees 2023 in UAE

Rabdan Academy Fees 2023 in UAE

Many students are interested in searching for Rabdan Academy 2023 fees , because Rabdan Academy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, offers comprehensive qualification between academic and vocational education, which gives graduates a highly competitive opportunity in the market than others.

Rabdan Academy fees 2023 in the UAE

Rabdan Academy fees 2023 UAE

Rabdan Academy fees 2023 UAE

Many students and parents would like to know the Rabdan Academy fees for 2023 , as follows:

  • tuition fees for preparatory programmes, The annual cost is estimated at about eighty-five thousand dirhams. This cost is divided into two semesters.
  • As for tuition fees for undergraduate and diploma programs.
  • The cost per credit hour is two thousand eight hundred and fifty UAE dirhams.
  • Fee refund cases are before the start of the study. Then one hundred dirhams will be refunded.
  • In the first and second weeks, one hundred dirhams can also be refunded. After that, there is no refund.
  • The tuition fee for each semester is estimated at about eighteen thousand dirhams.

Rabdan Academy majors and admission requirements

As for the distinctive majors that students are looking for, Other than the Rabdan Academy 2023 fees , they are as follows:

  • The programs offered by Rabdan Academy vary, Between five educational programs and two master’s programs.
  • As for the programs, it is the Integrated Emergency Management Program. Whether a diploma, higher diploma or bachelor’s degree.
  • Second, the business continuity programme. police and security, crime scene, which is for diploma only, National Security for a diploma and master’s level as well, Intelligence Information Analysis MSc.

Conditions for accepting students and the educational structure in the academy

Other than looking for Rabdan Academy 2023 fees , many are interested in knowing the organizational structure of the Academy and the conditions for accepting students as follows:

  • In the beginning, the Academy makes great efforts for students in a guiding framework. By supporting weak students in academic achievement.
  • In addition to providing the best for outstanding students, With educational guidance for them at the highest level.
  • Many necessary facilities are available, such as a library full of books in all disciplines offered in the academy.
  • As well as educational magazines in order to develop their skills in research and investigation from behind the information to reach the results.
  • Sanitary facilities of the highest quality, Both in terms of caring for students’ health as well as raising their physical fitness.
  • This is done through continuous exercise and following comprehensive healthy nutrition systems.
  • The academy has the opportunity to enter from all nationalities, religions and genders. without hindrance.
  • While preserving the general social rules and preserving Islamic law through conservative clothing.
  • There are clear and convenient rules for the education system through credit hours. and rules for awarding scientific degrees.
  • Giving the opportunity for objection and opening the door for grievances in full transparency to everyone. to investigate the complaint.
  • As for the admission and registration requirements for the academy, Obtaining an Emirati passport for residents of the UAE.
  • To be over the age of seventeen before applying to enter the academy progression tests.
  • In addition to the student’s acknowledgment to abide by the general rules of conduct within the academy, Commitment to attendance times for study hours.
  • There are also a set of procedures for admission to programs that do not end with obtaining an accredited certificate.

Field training for students

Rabdan Academy is interested in providing an integrated set of practical exercises:

  • Through the academy, the student receives practical training. In order to allow him to deal normally, with his future job.
  • give them the opportunity to integrate into reality, To know the problems and create the opportunity for them to innovate and find different solutions.

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