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Procedures for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

Procedures for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

Procedures for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

Procedures for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai It is a legal procedure that allows you to practice business in Dubai through an official legal document and provides you with many advantages to invest in Dubai and expand your business.

There are many types of commercial licenses that are allowed to be issued in Dubai. Each activity has an appropriate license that is issued based on the procedures, documents and conditions set by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

In this article, we will shed light on how to obtain a commercial license in Dubai , the legal steps and procedures, and ways to obtain a license. In addition to the costs of procedures for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai, in order to take confident and deliberate steps towards your path to investing and establishing business in Dubai, UAE.


Procedures for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

How to obtain a commercial license in Dubai

A trade license in Dubai is a legal document that allows the practice of business within a legal framework, and the license allows the practice of a specific type of activity according to the area in which one operates and the nature of the activity. The process of obtaining a commercial license in Dubai goes through several procedures, which we discuss in the following points:

  1. First , you must clearly define the activity in which you will work, because the activity depends on many legal procedures for obtaining a commercial license. There are various activities in Dubai, including: commercial, industrial, service, tourism activities, and others.
  2. Secondly , you must choose a trade name that suits and reflects the nature of the company’s activity or the business you wish to establish. In order to guarantee the approval of the trade name, several conditions must be followed for choosing the name as follows:
  • The trade name must clearly express the previously chosen activity.
  • It must not be similar to a trade name of another company in Dubai.
  • Avoid the name being inappropriate or contrary to public morals.
  • It does not contain the name of His Majesty, the name of a government agency, or a political slogan. 

    Third : Determine the legal form and consider the legal means by which the company operates in accordance with its terms and rules. The legal forms of companies in Dubai vary according to the activity carried out. Such as:

  • Solidarity Company.
  • Simple Recommendation Company.
  • A limited liability company.
  • Public contribution.
  • private contribution.
  • Commercial representative office.
  • Civil works company.
  • A branch of a local company.
  • A branch of a Gulf company.
  • A branch of a foreign company.
  • Free Zone Company Branch.
  • Individual Foundation.
  • holding company.


Fourth , the initial approval must be obtained from the responsible authorities in B. It includes the initial approval of the previous three procedures in order to allow the procedures to be completed properly.

Fifthly , it is necessary to search for a suitable office space as a headquarters for the company and for annual rent, or to buy a piece of land and establish the company on it.

Sixth , this step is for some activities in Dubai, which includes obtaining additional approvals from the authorities responsible for these activities, such as:

  • Municipality Department in Dubai.
  • The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • executive board.
  • The Ministry of Economy.
  • Dubai Health Authority.
  • Supreme Petroleum Council.
  • Ministry of Interior Affairs.
  • Ministry of Justice.

Seventh , and finally, comes the step of obtaining a commercial license in Dubai, in order to be able to practice your activity legally in Dubai. After receiving the commercial license, you can register as a member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.


Procedures for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

The government in Dubai is working hard to facilitate the process of issuing a commercial license and to provide misery and suffering for investors and businessmen. Therefore, the government in Dubai has provided several ways to obtain a commercial license in Dubai:

Visiting a service center in Dubai

  • If you are a resident of Dubai, you can easily apply by visiting one of the service centers affiliated with Dubai Economy.
  • Then you send the requirements and required documents via the center’s e-mail.
  • Pay the required costs using one of the payment methods available in Dubai.
  • The last step is to obtain a commercial license in Dubai.

The online platform “Invest in Dubai”

The Invest in Dubai online platform provides all the services that an investor needs to establish a company in Dubai, and one of its most important advantages is that it is possible to apply for a commercial license in Dubai without the need to visit Dubai and at any time from anywhere in the world.
In the event that you obtained the initial approval before, The following steps must be taken:

  • Determine the company’s website details.
  • Submit the required legal documents.
  • Payment by available payment methods.
  • Obtaining a commercial license in Dubai and related documents.

If the initial approval is not obtained, You will take the following steps:

  • Log in to the website to apply for the trade license.
  • Determine the commercial activity in which the company will operate in Dubai.
  • Adding all parties to the commercial license to be issued and their nationalities.
  • Determine the legal form of the company according to the commercial activity that was previously chosen.
  • Choose the type of commercial license based on the nature of the previously chosen activity.
  • Add all the details of obtaining the trade license.
  • Enter the details of all parties to the commercial license to be issued.
  • Determine the true beneficiary of the establishment of the company.
  • Confirm the validity of the data added on the platform.
  • Pay the commercial license fees through the available payment methods.
  • Issuance of initial approval for all previous procedures.
  • Determine the details of the company’s workplace.
  • Submit all required legal documents.
  • Pay the commercial license fees to be issued through the available payment methods.
  • Obtaining a commercial license in Dubai and related documents for the company.


Costs of obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

  • 600 dirhams for registering a trade license.
  • 10 dirhams for innovation dirhams.
  • 10 dirhams for the dirham of knowledge.
  • 350 dirhams for advertisements of trade names.
  • 50 dirhams for the trade license renewal application form.
  • From 1000 to 3000 dirhams for a foreign trade name.
  • 3000 dirhams for commercial activity.
  • 3000 dirhams for investment activities.
  • 3000 dirhams for building contracting activities.
  • 5000 dirhams for the business center.
  • 100 dirhams to obtain the initial approval.
  • Issuance of the company name 210 dirhams.
  • Professional business license fee of 550 dirhams. Fee for obtaining a commercial and industrial license is 600 dirhams.
  • The fee for receiving and printing licenses is 50 dirhams.


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