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Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai What are they and how can I establish a company in Dubai, This is what many people are searching for an answer in our current era. In a short period of time, Dubai was able to achieve great success in order to be a haven and a goal sought by all businessmen and investors from all over the world. It has become an incubator for the establishment of companies and investment projects for investors from all parts of the world. This is because it has provided investors with many facilities that encourage them to invest. The UAE government has followed a strategy and provided a lot of support. To help new entrepreneurs turn their new and distinctive ideas into giant investment companies worth billions of dollars, In addition to having a distinguished infrastructure and increasing the chances of success of investment projects in various fields, Establishing a company in Dubai requires completing a set of important procedures. Follow us to introduce it to you in some detail:


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

Perhaps you would like to learn about the procedures that need to be followed to establish a successful company in Dubai, Establishing an investment project there requires a set of important and indispensable procedures. So let’s tell you about it in more detail:

Activity selection

The first step that you need to follow to establish an investment project in Dubai is to determine the type of activity in which you wish to invest. As it follows a lot of things, It is known that the areas of investment in Dubai are many and very diverse. One of the factors that must be considered when choosing an activity is the place where you intend to establish your company.

Commercial registration

After the investment activity is determined, the investor begins to officially register his project, as it is an essential and important step that cannot be ignored.

Choose a project name

Choosing a project name is an important basic step that greatly controls its success. There are some important things that need to be taken into account when choosing a name, so continue to learn more about them:

  • That there is no other investment project on the ground with the same name.
  • It does not contain any profanity or expressions that are immoral or not suitable for public taste.
  • It is associated with the planned legal form of the company.
  • That it does not contain the word majesty.
  • Indicates the nature of the company’s commercial activity.
  • It does not include a government organization’s name or outside logos.

Obtaining preliminary approval

After you select the activity in which you wish to invest, choose the name of the company and register it, The first thing you must do after that in order to be able to establish a company in Dubai is to obtain approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs,

Choosing a workplace

It is important for your company that you wish to establish in Dubai to have a fixed and specific address. So you will need to sign a rental contract notarized by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Provided that the work site area is not less than 200 square feet.

Obtaining the approvals of the concerned authorities in the facility

This is represented in transportation and insurance activities and requesting various legal advice.

Obtaining a business license

To complete this general step, you must first pay the commercial fees and submit all documents to the Department of Economic Development.

In conclusion, we say that if you have already decided to start executing your investment project in Dubai, you will need to complete many procedures and papers. You will not find a better person to undertake this task on your behalf than Itqan Company. Because of its many successful experiences in this matter, How great investment companies and entities have helped to stand on solid ground.


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