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Opening a commercial registry in Dubai

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai is a necessary service that must be obtained through the service centers in Dubai or the Dubai Economy website, in order to establish and expand investment projects and businesses.
As usual, the government in Dubai provides various means of support to businessmen and investors of different nationalities and provides simple procedures for all operations, including opening a commercial registry in Dubai in minutes and from any country around the world.
Learn how to open a commercial registry in Dubai and the requirements to open a commercial registry in a proper legal manner. Learn about the advantages of establishing a company in Dubai through the following titles and lines.


Opening a commercial registry in Dubai

Learn about the requirements to open a commercial registry in Dubai
To establish your company and expand your business in Dubai, you must obtain documents that help in this matter, and one of those documents is opening a commercial registry in Dubai. Opening a commercial registry requires following some conditions according to the laws as follows:

  • According to the type of your activity that you will work with, many procedures will take place, so it is the first step that must be clearly defined.
  • The regulations in Dubai stipulate the need to choose a suitable trade name in order to be registered in the legal papers. The regulations stipulate a set of conditions:
  • The name does not violate public morals and taste.
  • The name corresponds to the type of activity chosen.
  • It is not similar to the name of another legally registered company.
  • The name does not include the word “His Majesty” or the name of a governmental or political entity.
  • Initial approvals from the government agencies concerned with approving the previous points.
  • The area of the workplace should be 200 feet or more, and a lease contract notarized and certified by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
  • Not owning more than one license and submitting the licenses to the competent department in Dubai.
  • Additional approvals that are required for some activities from some government agencies in Dubai.
  • Pay the costs required for opening a commercial registry in Dubai in order to obtain the registry.

Learn about the steps to establish a company in Dubai
Establishing a company in Dubai goes through 7 legal steps and includes submitting documents, obtaining some approvals, and paying some fees. This is what we will learn about in the following points for the steps to establish a company in Dubai:

  1. Have you determined the type of activity on which your company will be based? The first steps to establish your company in Dubai, so you must determine the appropriate type of activity to establish your company, The activity type step depends on the type of commercial license, trade name, and opening a commercial registry in Dubai.
  2. What distinguishes one company from another is the trade name, which is registered in the legal papers. Therefore, a suitable trade name must be chosen and then registered with the “Department of Economic Development” in Dubai after the name meets the conditions.
  3. After determining the type of activity, you must determine the legal form of your company in order to determine the regulations on which the company will operate in Dubai.
  4. Initial approval from the competent authorities to confirm the previous three steps.
  5. A workplace in an area suitable for the activity, provided that it is not less than 200 feet, and a lease contract for the workplace or office space is provided, provided that it is certified by the competent authority in Dubai.
  6. Additional approvals from the entity concerned with the nature of the facility’s activity in Dubai.
  7. Pay the value of the cost of issuing the trade license necessary to receive it, then at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

Learn about the advantages of opening a commercial registry in Dubai
Many of the advantages that Dubai granted to businessmen and investors, which contributed to the growth of their business tremendously and the expansion of their business space within the Emirates and international markets, In the following points, we tell you what advantages you will get when opening a commercial registry in Dubai:

  • The city of Dubai is located between East and West, which makes it close to international markets, which gives you the opportunity to expand and grow your business or easy communication with international markets.
  • The facilities that the government is working to provide for flexible procedures and transactions with government agencies, which helps not to waste time or exert excessive effort.
  • Flexibility in obtaining commercial licenses, opening a commercial registry in Dubai, and the ease of sending or extracting the required documents to the competent authorities.
  • Electronic platforms that include many services without the need to visit service centers and provide multiple electronic payment methods to pay fees in a few minutes.
  • Support financially through low incorporation costs suitable for different budgets, continuous assistance for the establishment and development of startups, and provision of training courses for young people.
  • Free zones support investors financially by benefiting from full profits, tax exemptions for years on the company, employee income, and customs exemptions on goods.
  • It has a global infrastructure and a developed transportation network and roads that connect the neighboring areas of Dubai, which contributes to the ease of transportation.
  • Dubai is a politically and economically stable city with a cultural awareness that encourages investors to establish businesses.
  • Dubai is a global open shopping market that encourages citizens from different countries and investors, which creates global openness.
  • Development and continuous development at all levels and fields, which greatly supports the growth of companies and businesses.
  • Many diverse investment opportunities for different capitals and nationalities of businessmen and investors.
  • Dubai is one of the most important investment environments with rapid growth in various sectors and projects.
  • Grants and training courses for young people, emerging investors, and those who have projects with strong and clear feasibility studies for work.
  • Dubai is an economically advanced city continuously, which contributes to the growth of various fields and sectors.

Why use our company to establish your project in Dubai?
Investing in Dubai requires experience and accuracy in every step, legal advice, and identification of investment areas and the most suitable offers. That is why we are here to help from A to Z and provide various services in your investment journey. Here are some of our services in Dubai:

  1. Integrated equipment and preparations for a ready work environment, from furniture and decorations to computers and work tools for employees.
  2. Submission and follow-up until the issuance of licenses and documents, the opening of a commercial registry in Dubai, and follow-up of all operations that help in establishing the project.
  3. Completion of legal documents and papers to document them in the concerned government agencies in order to open a commercial registry in Dubai and establish the company.
  4. Assistance with residency papers for investors and their families to reside in Dubai for as long as possible to establish a company.
  5. We provide various means of assistance for the spread and growth of business and expansion to international markets outside Dubai.
  6. Step by step, we provide you with legal advice and integrated solutions to address the problems that may occur during the establishment of the company.
  7. We support all investors and owners of different fields through various business packages suitable for all budgets.
  8. Your support is always through a technical support team trained to respond quickly and with high efficiency to provide an integrated service.

We also provide the service of extracting the commercial registration, Commercial license issuance service, Company establishment service in free zones such as: Jebel Ali area, Ras Al Khaimah region, Ajman region, Sharjah region and many free zones.
Contact the work team and we will provide you with all the details that help in opening a commercial registry in Dubai and establishing companies and investment projects from A to Z efficiently and quickly with the lowest costs.

Contact us today and get a free consultation to implement all your business plans!

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