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Opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners is a legal document that guarantees the foreign investor the legality of his work and provides him with many advantages for the expansion and growth of his investment business in Dubai.
The service of opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners is not a difficult procedure. Rather, it is similar to the steps and procedures for opening a regular registry for locals, except for minor differences.
As is the case with the UAE government for the flexibility of investment procedures in Dubai, the government has provided flexible ways for the foreign investor to obtain the commercial registration without the need to waste time and money or travel long distances.
In the coming lines of this article, you will learn about everything that interests you as a foreign investor about how to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners and the conditions involved in the process of obtaining the registry in accordance with the laws, In addition to the many positives that the government in Dubai provides to foreign investors and entrepreneurs from different countries of the world.


Opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners

How to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners
In order to be able to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners in simple steps, you do not have to travel long distances from your country or place of residence. All you have to do is connect to the Internet, open your laptop, and follow the following steps carefully: Here are the following steps in order to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners through the Internet:

  • Search for the official website of Dubai Economy and enter the site.
  • In the event that you have previously registered on the site, you must enter your email and password, or create a new account on the site if you have not logged in before.
  • Log in to your account to submit a request to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners.
  • Enter all requirements about your company’s current location in Dubai.
  • Register the company’s shareholder data on the website.
  • Add activities in your company, whether main or secondary.
  • Add the data of the founding parties of the company in Dubai.
  • Enter the type of license you want to obtain, whether it is a merchant license, a commercial license, or an instant license.
  • Adding the details of managers and service agents and adding their passport number and contact information.
  • Enter the identity of the final beneficiary from the establishment of the company.
  • Attach the required documents, provided they are signed by all parties.
  • Through the available payment methods, pay the costs of the commercial registration for foreigners to be able to receive it.

What are the conditions for opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners?
Many foreign investors want to establish investment businesses in Dubai. This process includes passing several legal conditions in order to obtain a commercial registration in Dubai. We offer you 7 basic points to be able to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners:

  • It is obvious that you choose a trade name for your company, but it is important to note that the name is in compliance with the laws and regulations in Dubai. I make sure to choose a name that is compatible with public taste. the nature of the business you operate in, not be the same name as another company, It could be a name of His Majesty, a government agency, or political terminology.
  • Dubai allows many activities, so you have to determine the type of activity that suits your field to work in Dubai
  • Initial approval from the competent authorities regarding the trade name, the nature of the activity, and the legal form.
  • Finding an office space suitable for work or buying a suitable plot of land in Dubai to establish the company on it and providing a contract notarized and certified by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority, This is provided that the area is not less than 200 feet.
  • It is not allowed to own more than one commercial license and to hand over the licenses to the competent government agency.
  • Completion of additional approvals through the competent government agencies in Dubai for the activity that you will practice.
  • Pay the costs of opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners, using the available payment methods.

Why invest in Dubai?
We will need dozens of pages to discuss the advantages that the state of Dubai gives to investors and businessmen. All the facilities and services that you can think of to create a successful investment business that Dubai provides you with. In the following points, we discuss some of the advantages of establishing an investment business in Dubai for foreigners:

  • Various methods of support, whether material or technological, assistance received by startups, various training courses, and continuous encouragements for the expansion of startups and penetration of global markets.
  • You will not have to pay taxes for several years, and you will get your profits in full and enjoy customs exemptions, thanks to the advantages offered by all free zones in Dubai and more.
  • The ideal investment market if you want a successful and fast-growing investment and openness to other global markets for the growth of your business with many advantages.
  • For a foreign or local investor, you will not find any complications in any legal procedure, and everything that is required of you to establish your investment business can be done in just minutes.
  • There is nothing easier here than applying and issuing documents and licenses, or opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners, thanks to the many methods provided by the state to facilitate these processes.
  • The terrible technological development and electronic services and platforms to apply for services and pay the required fees all this in minutes and without the need to enter into complex paper procedures.
  • One of the requirements for successful investment is the country’s infrastructure, in which Dubai excels in a modern road network that connects neighboring cities and regions together for ease of transportation.
  • One of the most important conditions for investment is “the political and economic stability of the country,” which Dubai has enjoyed over the years, in addition to the cultural awareness enjoyed by the city’s residents.
  • Dubai is one of the global markets that competes strongly with the major markets in the world. This is why it is a strong attraction for citizens, investors and businessmen from different countries of the world.
  • Investing in Dubai is not limited to locals or Arabs, but Dubai opens its doors to various nationalities to take advantage of the available opportunities and present wonderful ideas to all.
  • There is no better place than Dubai to search for new investment opportunities out of the box and invest in distinctive projects and fields without restrictions.
  • Dubai is an excellent and rapidly growing investment environment, in addition to the surrounding free zones, which are considered a huge investment boom that investors seek to take advantage of to benefit from its advantages.
  • Investment is not limited to a specific group, but different nationalities and age groups can invest, and the government supports youth through business incubators and training courses.
  • The remarkable growth witnessed by the city in various tourism activities, business activities, Industrial activities and professional activities.

How do we help you to establish your investment business in Dubai?

  • Establishing companies and investment businesses in Dubai from A to Z with the legal procedures that our team undertakes in full.
  • We handle various transactions with government agencies in the fastest time and at the lowest costs, so you do not need to visit a service center yourself.
  • Issuing a Dubai trade license for foreigners for all types of activities, opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners, and providing the required legal documents in full.
  • Providing legal advice immediately through the most qualified consultants to support you and provide the most appropriate legal advice for your legal situation.
  • All the services you need such as office space or warehouses in Dubai for rent, we provide them in various sizes.

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