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Offices for rent in Dubai

Offices for rent in Dubai

Offices for rent in Dubai

The cost of renting offices in Dubai can be a source of concern for many investors as they fear that the rental prices will go up for them. which in some cases may lead to losses, Especially when the activity is new and investors cannot predict the percentage of profits. But our company works to make its customers feel that prices are certain. Work to provide the best rental offices, With the aim of ensuring that these offices are located in the best locations and suitable for the various activities that can be established. Our company strives to prepare these desks and provide them with the best equipment and equipment and make the match between these desks and make many different decorations. What gives it an aesthetic vision makes it worthy of the activity in which it was established. All that our company offers at the lowest prices while ensuring quality and efficiency. Our company strives to provide discounts and offers at specific times to help you succeed in your business. We work with our company to serve you at any time.


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Our company is the best company that rents offices and operates for entrepreneurs. Our company is characterized by its extensive experience, Where she has more than 10 years of experience in setting up companies and offices. With us, You can start a new job through us in an environment that promotes trade, industry and profit. All you need to do is contact us and we will complete all the necessary procedures to eliminate all the necessary transactions to set up a Dubai company to issue or renew a business license in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. If you need to rent an office, We will provide you with the best sites.


When you set up your own business and your own company for the first time, You probably started quickly and enthusiastically at first. You must have taken a lot of steps before making your decision. Starting with searching for the best places to set up your company, Through communication with the concerned authorities to find out the necessary procedures for establishing your own company, And all the way to finding a place for your business and organizing the daily operations in order to manage your business wisely and professionally.

Certainly, you did not spare any effort in trying to establish a successful business. Besides investing a lot of time and money in making your business profitable.


Offices for rent in Dubai


Business incorporation in the United Arab Emirates

Establishing business in many countries, It may be a more difficult and somewhat different situation than setting up a business within the borders of the UAE, And the first years on the job may not be a good time to rest. On the contrary, In the UAE it is essential to take advantage of growth in the early years to launch a business. Expanding your business to a larger market abroad or opening or establishing a company is a great way to multiply your chances of success.

The United Arab Emirates has made available many free zones within its territory, as these free zones are considered one of the most important reasons for investment attraction and the high rates of employment and national income within the United Arab Emirates due to the influx of foreign capital and its injection of money into the national economy.

The United Arab Emirates began to establish the first free zone in 1985 when it established the Jebel Ali region, which is the starting point and the initial spark for the start of a series of free zones in the United Arab Emirates, and it set the basic criteria for establishing such zones in the United Arab Emirates and on this basis it was Dozens of free zones have been established so far, and the UAE, and Dubai in particular, has become one of the most important and pioneering cities in this field.


Investment privileges within the UAE

The Emirate of Dubai offers many privileges and facilities for establishing a business to attract foreign investment and investment at the Arab level and at the local level as well. Among the most important of these privileges offered by the Emirate of Dubai to investors and businessmen is the opportunity for foreign investors to own lands and companies with 100% foreign ownership, after it was required in the past that a citizen (a citizen of the United Arab Emirates) own a share of companies with a value of at least 51% of the company. appreciation. The United Arab Emirates also allowed the freedom to choose employment without being bound by the rules and laws of sponsorship and usual employment. In addition to the tax exemptions it provides to investors in free zones on exports and imports, in addition to various tax and customs exemptions.


Steps to establish companies in Dubai

You can establish your company in Dubai in very simple steps through only three stages, and in order to obtain the best investments and in order to obtain better opportunities to establish companies without wasting a lot of time and effort, you can rely on Itqan Company, as in Itqan, The company, on your behalf, lists all the costs associated with your commercial activity at the lowest cost and informs you of the total cost of your project and without hidden fees before starting it. This is in addition to the many and distinguished facilities that Itqan will provide you during the stages of establishing your company in Dubai, with the completion of all licensing procedures, including residency, Also , Etqan will help you choose a great office from the offices available for rent from among the many offices in Dubai to make it a headquarters for managing your company.


Reasons for establishing free zones

There are many reasons that were clearly evident to the government of the United Arab Emirates, which prompted it to establish free zones in order to advance the country’s economy and commercial activity. Free zones have specific goals for which they were established. The free zone in the United Arab Emirates aims to provide the manufacturing and distribution infrastructure based on the advanced and wonderful experiences in the labor market, This would attract investment to pump money and spread the competitive spirit in the UAE labor market. This also revives the economic market through dealing with banks and capital. As well as positive marketing to raise the reputation of companies and improve their image with the public and partners, and this may contribute to economic diversification as well. It is worth noting that all this would create new job opportunities with a good financial return within the United Arab Emirates.


Privileges of working in free zones

In order to facilitate work in free zones, the UAE has paid attention to the importance of enacting laws regulating the nature of work. For the purpose of preserving order and the rights of investors as well as the rights of the United Arab Emirates, Where the government has established several laws, for example, but not limited to the establishment of Federal Law No. (8) in the matter of financial free zones​, Which stipulates “the establishment of the financial free zone by a federal decree, and it shall have a legal personality and shall be legally represented by the chairman of its board of directors, It shall be exclusively responsible for the obligations resulting from its exercise of its activity and shall be subject to the law criminalizing money laundering and all provisions of federal laws with the exception of federal civil and commercial laws.


There are several obligations that must be taken into account by the financial free zones, including those related to financial banking activities, obligations related to corporate licensing standards, and other obligations that have been stipulated.” For more details about the law, you can view the text of the law in detail by clicking on this link .

in Dubai, You can always grow your business, develop, accelerate the pace of work, and obtain privileges and facilities. This is simply because you work in an emirate that has future views and is not limited in thought and resources, but works in the long term.

Itqan can take your hand in launching your project successfully . Apply now and start establishing your company with us


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