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Nationals investing in Dubai

Nationals investing in Dubai

The nationalities investing in Dubai are the most famous and successful nationalities in the world. Where Dubai is the first destination for tourism, and this is due to many factors, Dubai’s political, social and economic stability has helped in achieving a great development in the world of investment. Where stability is the mainstay of investment, This is what Dubai has achieved to attract the largest countries in the world to invest in all fields.

The most important investing countries in the UAE

The investment movement in Dubai is considered one of the largest investment movements in the world. Dubai is considered one of the most stable countries in the Arab world and the world at large. Therefore, there is no surprise at the constant demand for investment in Dubai from the largest investors in the world. Among the countries investing in Dubai:

  • Switzerland.
  • Britain.
  • India.
  • France.
  • Austria.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Kuwait.
  • Holland.

All these countries are subject to the UAE Investment Law, which is characterized by facilitating all obstacles that may face investment. With the full protection of the investor and the appropriate return for the country.

Saudi investment in Dubai

Real estate investment for Saudis in Dubai is a way of economic integration between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Saudi investment in Dubai began in 2002. The investment coincided with the issuance of a law allowing foreigners to invest in free zones in Dubai.

Where the largest share of investments in free zones was for the Saudi investor. In 2016 and 2017, the Saudi investor ranked first in investing in Dubai among Gulf and Arab investors. It was ranked fourth in investment among foreign investors.

In the field of real estate, Saudi Arabia ranked second after India. The Kingdom’s capital in real estate investment in Dubai amounted to about 15.6 billion dirhams, and that was in 2017. The results of the Saudi investment in Dubai did not stop there. As it is still witnessing a lot of developments and higher ranks.

Indian investment in Dubai

Relations between India and the UAE are a strategic partnership and sustainable economic cooperation. Where the figures issued from the economic relations between the two countries express the extent of the economic relationship between the two countries from decades ago until now. India is one of the largest emerging economies in the world.

Where cooperation takes place between the two countries in the field of oil and in many other fields. The volume of non-oil trade between the two countries exceeds about forty billion dollars. Where goods and products are exchanged between the Emirates and India on a permanent basis, India is the first destination for UAE exports.

French investment in Dubai

French investment in Dubai is witnessing a remarkable development, as France is considered one of the leading major countries in the world, and its investments in Dubai are a way to add to the economy of both France and Dubai, as many partnerships are signed between the two countries annually.

France comes in third place among the countries with the largest investment in Dubai. Where the number of French investors in Dubai exceeds more than a thousand investors, with a capital exceeding one billion dirhams, France’s investment in Dubai is a great addition. Especially since investors seize the opportunity to invest in the oil and non-oil sectors.

Any foreign investor accepts to invest in Dubai in accordance with the conditions set by the Investment Authority. As each investor must proceed towards completing the licensing procedures for investment in Dubai, And enjoy all the facilities that Dubai provides to foreign investors.


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