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(Modify the introduction) House of Culture National School in Riyadh

(Modify the introduction) House of Culture National School in Riyadh

Dar Al Thaqafa National School in Riyadh is a specialized school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Education progresses in the fields of culture and patriotism. The school promotes national values through daily religious teachings, patriotic songs and plays, sports and games. Students learn to live their daily lives in accordance with the principles of culture and patriotism.

House of Culture National School in Riyadh:

The National School teaches students how to be good citizens. It teaches patriotism and how to fight for your country. Students also learn how to respect and care for their parents and siblings. Patriotism is further promoted through daily patriotic teachings, patriotic songs, plays, sports and games. All of these teach students how to be good citizens and contribute to society. The schools offer the developed Arabic and English curriculum in an effort to develop cognitive awareness

Culture is an integral part of being a good citizen. for this purpose , Teachers teach their students about their country’s history, geography, morals, customs, traditions, and language. This helps students understand their country and its people. in addition to , Students get to know other cultures from other parts of the world through cultural exhibitions and competitions. All this contributes to the development of a sense of belonging to their country and helps them to understand other cultures from around the world.

Advantages of Dar Al Thaqafa National School in Riyadh:

It contains distinct education and curricula. The school offers many advantages that students desire. The school also encourages sports activities among the students. It runs sports tournaments for boys and girls in each of the school levels . Furthermore it:

  • Each class has at least two physical education instructors who teach appropriate exercise methods for living healthy lifestyles.
  • Students learn to stay healthy and build strength while building character. This contributes to building a strong nation where everyone can contribute to a happy life for everyone in their country.
  • The National House of Culture School is designed for pupils who live outside the capital, Riyadh.
  • The school itself is located in the capital but sends its students elsewhere for classes every week.
  • Many students come from neighboring regions such as Tabuk, Medina, and Qassim because it is easier to travel from there than from Riyadh itself.
  • Many have also come from other countries such as Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen since the National House of Culture School partnered with many countries around the world for cultural exchange programmes.
  • As patriotism is cultivated among its students through daily religious teachings, patriotic songs and plays, sports tournaments, games and hobbies.
  • in addition to , The school promotes culture among its students by teaching various art forms such as dance, music and theater arts. As with other schools in Saudi Arabia.

Documents required for registration at Dar Al Thaqafa School:

The school specifies several papers that the student can prepare to register in a school. as follows:

  • Birth certificate of the applicant
  • A copy of the valid national identity card of the student’s guardian.
  • 6 recent photos of the student with the student’s triple name written on it
  • Delivery of electricity, water and gas facilities to the student’s place of residence.
  • Paper file of the school the student is nominated for.
  • Printed online application form.

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