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Method of electronic registration in public schools

Method of electronic registration in public schools

It is possible to register electronically in government schools in the Emirates, as they are the most important services provided by the state to citizens. As it seeks to develop the educational process in various ways, it provides public schools for all ages and is one of the most important steps to achieve the ways for young children. Understanding the basis of educational development. Public schools are among the most important educational institutions that offer many curricula under the supervision of educators and specialists for all groups and grades, starting from the primary grade until the secondary stage.

Electronic registration in public schools

When enrolling in government schools in the UAE, parents are required to submit some papers and documents, which are as follows:

  • The identity card of the student who wishes to register for them.
  • Child’s birth certificate.
  • A passport for the student, provided that it was valid at the time of registration.
  • Documentation of the family book for all citizens.
  • A certificate showing that the student has received all vaccinations prescribed by the Ministry of Health.
  • The identity card must be provided to the child’s guardian and be valid.
  • Reconciliation of the student’s mother’s record book.
  • He must provide a document proving ownership of the housing in which the student resides, such as a lease contract, electricity bill, ownership contract, or others.
  • Provide a copy of the decree issued by His Highness the Head of State, if it falls under this category.

Registration mechanism in public schools in the UAE

In order to register and accept students in public schools, students must follow several steps, as follows:

  • Go to the official link of the Emirates School Education Foundation website.
  • Click on login.
  • Then choose electronic services and click on public schools.
  • Then the guardian logs in to her official account through the name and password.
  • Fill in all the required data in the form that will appear for him to enroll in public schools.
  • Follow the required instructions and enter data and other information.
  • After that, you must follow up on the electronic application to obtain approval.
  • After the guardian obtains the approval, he sends all the papers and files to the school administration for the required registration.
  • In this way, he will have obtained the final accreditation with the knowledge of the school branches and the Student Affairs Department, and the completion of the rest of the data.

Advantages and services of public schools in the Emirates

The government is working to establish schools for all students and to provide a number of services, as follows:

  • Providing a good level of education.
  • Selection of cadres of teachers who possess experience and specialization in the educational field.
  • Education is provided through games in schools. To simplify the information for the student and enjoy the educational process.
  • Instilling many learning skills and cognitive acquisition.
  • In childhood, the focus is on education due to its importance in building a child’s life.
  • Promote communication between students and other groups and sects to instill values of cooperation, tolerance and rejection of sectarianism.

Registering the children of expatriates in public schools

In the UAE, the Ministry indicated in 2020 the registration of foreign students in public schools. Where this is done electronically or through the government schools to which the student’s residential area belongs. However, the registration of foreign students is obtained only through the electronic link to the official website of the Ministry, but it requires some conditions and admission takes place during registration, including that the student must be present with a valid residence permit in the Emirates and that the student is one of the outstanding students, and the number of accepted students in all students does not exceed 20% in one school.

Categories of admission to public schools

The UAE allows expatriate students to enroll in public schools. Among these categories are the following:

  • Citizens and sons of female citizens who hold a family book.
  • Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
  • An orphan child under the support of a citizen due to the death of his parents
  • Holders of diplomatic cards issued by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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