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Method and conditions for obtaining an investor visa in Dubai

Method and conditions for obtaining an investor visa in Dubai

There is no doubt that the United Arab Emirates has become a landmark in the field of investment. Whether foreign or Arab investment, The UAE is always striving to provide various ways and means that facilitate the investor’s living within its country. Therefore, it always takes some measures and enacts laws continuously in order to attract investments and investors. Among these procedures is the investor visa granted by the UAE, especially the Emirate of Dubai

What is the foreign investor visa?

The foreign investor visa is known as the partner visa. It is among the measures taken by Dubai to facilitate investors, as it is ideal to help investors start their investments and businesses; This visa has a validity of up to three years, with the possibility of renewing it in the event that the investor is still in Dubai and his investment project is still standing.

This visa is granted to investors who own investments and private projects. Or those who participate in projects with shares of no less than 80 thousand UAE dirhams.

The documents required to obtain an investor visa in Dubai

To obtain an investor visa, certain papers must be obtained. And completing the procedures and documents related to it, which are as follows:

  • Passport copy
  • A personal photo with a white background
  • A copy of the establishment or project card
  • Original and copy of the memorandum of association issued by the court
  • Business license
  • Addendum to the names of the partners
  • Company account statement from the bank

The places from which the application for the investor’s visa was extracted

Dubai provides many places for obtaining this visa, and among the most important of these places in Dubai are Amer centers, And spread in many areas in Dubai in Al-Jafiliya, Al-Twar, and Dubai Festival City.

The costs of issuing a foreign investor visa

  • The entry permit costs are 1,035 AED for individuals inside the United Arab Emirates. And 365 AED for those outside the country
  • It has also been developed: AED 570 (don’t order from people outside the UAE)
  • In addition to the costs of stamping the visa, which is 515 AED
  • In addition to the costs of charging additional fees for medical examinations

Dubai investor visa in free zones

The Emirates and Dubai, in particular, provide some freehold areas as encouragement from the United Arab Emirates for the investment sector and investors. In this sense, companies are exempted from value-added tax. It also enables investors the right to own companies without the need for a guarantor. It also opens the door for them to obtain an investor or partner visa, Which differs in cost from the rest of the regions, and the value of the investor’s visa in Dubai differs in the freehold areas, depending on the region, the type of company’s activity, and the nature of its work. Following are some of the most prominent freehold areas in Dubai:

  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre
  • Dubai Internet city
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Production City
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Dubai South

Types of visas that the investor obtains

The Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai provide many visas that are valid for specific periods. There are two types of short and limited visas and long-term visas, and they differ according to the number of years for which the visa is valid and the value of the project or shares. They are as follows:

  • Short visas for a period of up to three years, provided that the value of the project is not less than 80 thousand dirhams and up to 100 thousand dirhams
  • Long-term visas for a period of five to ten years, provided that the value of the real estate asset or investment project is not less than five million dirhams.

Conditions for obtaining a five-year visa

  • The value of the investment project should not be less than five million dirhams
  • The project must be wholly owned by the investor and not built on the basis of loans
  • The investment must remain in place for up to three years from the date of issuance of the residence permit

Conditions for obtaining a ten-year visa

  • The value of the investment project shall not be less than ten million dirhams
  • The investor should have a value in his personal account that covers the value of the project
  • The investor must be a partner in a company or have shares in a company established with a value of not less than ten million dirhams

In this way, we have clarified what the investor visa is, how to obtain it, the conditions necessary to obtain it, the different types of visas, and also the conditions necessary to obtain each type.


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