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Learn more about the services of Itqan Company

Learn more about the services of Itqan Company

Itqan Services, It is one of the leading companies in the field of establishing companies with all its activities from the beginning.

Where it offers you the best solutions and plans, To put your business on the right track. Where you will be able to compete with the largest companies in your field.

It also has the best trained cadres in all departments related to establishing companies .

So in this article, We will get to know you about the best services provided by Itqan.

The most important services of Itqan Company

As we told you before, that it has become very easy to obtain cadres, Highly experienced and versatile in all your field tasks. Through them, you can take the right paths to reach all the requirements for success.

It is within the services of the mastering company.


1- Establishing companies

This is by establishing all companies in all fields from A to Z. And this is through the best experts in the field

Now you can keep up with all your competitors. And put your company on the first path of global success without any actions by the client.

The incorporation steps are a phrase


• Extracting a commercial register.

• Memorandum of Association.

• Establishment card.

• Certificate of Incorporation.

• Register your company in both the identity and foreign departments.

• The company will also issue an investor residence permit.

The maximum time it will take to establish the company is twenty one days.

2- Opening other internal or external branches for your company

Among the most important services provided by Itqan, Is the possibility of opening other branches of companies.

Whether it is a start-up company or one that has been in the field for years.

In addition to opening a branch inside the country of origin of the company or abroad. And this is through the best cadres we have in all fields.

3- Complete all procedures to start your business

You can easily complete all the procedures you need to start your business.

This is through Itqan Services Company, Where we can complete all procedures in the fastest time and with the best quality. Work through a team of specialists with a high degree of experience.

4- Renewal services for your business

Among the services of Itqan Commercial Services Company, It is the renewal and modification of all procedures of commercial activity in all fields of companies. As soon as possible and without any trouble on the part of the company requesting the renewal and modification service.

5- Providing all banking services to companies

The company provides all banking services to all companies. Such as opening a bank account after establishment and all other procedures that your company needs to start its business.

6- Providing work spaces and offices

Itqan also provides different spaces, In addition to rented offices for work.

It has meeting rooms, and conference rooms.

Itqan Company, It is the first choice for all companies that want to take the steps of success and excellence in their commercial activity. And this is through its cadres trained at the highest level of knowledge and experience, To help all entrepreneurs. This is done by ending all obstacles that may face any investor in the future.

In the end

If you own a business you want to put it on the right track, Through its high-quality staff, Or you want help setting up a business without any action on your part. All you have to do is communicate directly with Itqan for all commercial services.

To complete all your tasks in a faster and safer time.

Get the best advice for your business, This is through our experts who are considered to be at the highest level of experience in all fields.

All of these services and more you can get with Etqan online without the need to come by yourself.



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