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Learn about the top 5 business opportunities in Dubai for 2022

Learn about the top 5 business opportunities in Dubai for 2022

Dubai has become one of the most sought after places to do business. It is a thriving international center, especially with its favorable tax policies and unique social and economic structure. It is not surprising that many entrepreneurs have established their businesses in Dubai.
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want to start your own business in Dubai, Here is a summary of the top 5 business opportunities in Dubai for the year 2022.

1- Import and export:

In Dubai the import and export business is a very lucrative sector. Due to Dubai’s global central location and economic diversification, Starting an international business in Dubai can be an excellent opportunity to rapidly expand and increase your company’s turnover. Setting up your company in Dubai can facilitate the success of your business by giving you access to advanced logistics services.

2- Health care:

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has brought many challenges. It also revealed new opportunities in Dubai’s health technology sector. The healthcare sector in the UAE is expected to generate AED 39.4 billion by 2025. Where “medical and medical equipment” was listed as one of the six most important and priority sectors in Dubai.

To enter this market, there are three main areas that healthcare investors can consider when entering the Dubai healthcare market:

Health technology innovation: Here we single out the strength of technology in the health field and the extent to which it relies on it to create the latest technologies and medical programs. Therefore, the health technology market is one of the most important and most demanded areas in the world, not just Dubai, and is witnessing huge developments in short periods of time.
Health tourism: The travel ban due to Corona has hindered growth in the medical tourism sector internationally, And after scaring the Corona measures, the health tourism sector in the United Arab Emirates has revived. Medical tourism revenues are expected to reach nearly 20 billion dirhams by 2023.
Growing domestic demand: Local investors are expected to help healthcare providers expand in Dubai in the coming years due to the increasing population. The health sector is witnessing significant growth in Dubai, and it is an attractive business opportunity in 2022.

3- Real estate:

Dubai is known as one of the most important centers for expats around the world. Where 70% of the population consists of foreigners, Dubai is the top destination according to a report by Forward Keys magazine. Which makes the real estate market in Dubai very profitable. The real estate market in Dubai has multiple opportunities. Including real estate development, property management and brokerage.

4- Information technology:

Dubai has become a hotspot for technology-based international business. The Dubai government continues to put forward policies and initiatives to advance technological innovation and attract entrepreneurs in the field of technology to become the smartest city in the world over the next few years.
Over the years, Dubai has attracted many leading technology companies in the field of technology in the Middle East and internationally.

5- E-commerce:

The e-commerce market in Dubai reached a record level of $3.9 billion in 2020. It is a growth of 53%, which is an imaginary percentage that does not exist in any other field, and it is expected that this percentage will increase significantly during 2025.
While the e-commerce sector is booming around the world, Why has Dubai experienced exceptional growth?
The growth of the e-commerce sector in Dubai is due to the improvement of logistics services. trust in digital payments, and increased security. All of these factors contributed to the development of e-commerce in Dubai. E-commerce also gives better options compared to traditional stores. It is also possible to establish an e-commerce business in Dubai and then operate it from another location remotely while taking advantage of the low tax laws in Dubai.

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