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Learn about the steps to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners

Learn about the steps to open a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners is one of the most important steps in order to be able to invest in the UAE. As the United Arab Emirates has now become one of the most important investment countries in the Middle East, This is due to several privileges it offers to its residents who are investors to attract them to work on more economic investments in all fields of business. So let’s find out how to create a commercial registry for foreigners in Dubai.

Opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners

In order to obtain a commercial registration for foreigners in Dubai , you must take several important steps, including:

  • That the commercial activity that increases the investor’s practice is determined first, Monitoring project capital, estimated profits and losses.
  • To apply for the initial approval from the concerned authorities.
  • Choose a name that indicates the business in question.
  • It is very important for the company to have an entity, In the sense of providing proof that the company owns a site for work.
  • Finally, it is the issuance of a commercial license through which you can conduct your commercial business.

What are the documents required to obtain the initial approval from the competent authorities?

There are several documents that must be provided in order to obtain the initial approval. Through which you will complete the rest of your procedures to extract all the documents required to start investment operations in Dubai, which are:

  • Fill out the registration and licensing form that must be printed and is available in Dubai Economic Centers.
  • A copy of the passport or license ID, if available.
  • A copy of visitor or residence permits for non-locals.
  • There must be a non-objection statement from the sponsor for this investment.
  • A detailed explanation of the company’s articles of association.
  • Submit a detailed feasibility study on the project.
  • copy of the commercial register, Memorandum of Association And a license to practice the activity of the (parent) company.
  • If the company

(parent company) There must be an acknowledgment to open another branch in the United Arab Emirates.

The most important procedures for opening a commercial registry in Dubai for foreigners

There are several important steps that we will explain in a simple way based on what was previously mentioned, namely:

  • Initial approval

It is the company obtaining the initial approval from the concerned authorities to start requesting the issuance of papers and documents related to the start of commercial activity.

  • The commercial name of the project

It is very important to choose a business name for the project. Reserving the name takes place before or after obtaining the initial approval through the designated website or visiting the concerned authority in person.

  • Commercial license

trade license is obtained, After completing each of the previous two steps, the initial approval + trade name.

What are the places through which I can apply to obtain a commercial registration?

The Government of the United Arab Emirates provided, There are several places through which one can apply for a commercial registration for foreigners in Dubai, namely:

  • Inside the happiness hall in the main economic building, Dubai.
  • The authorized service center in Dubai Economy.
  • through the electronic application.
  • The website dedicated to the Dubai Economic Center.

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